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Suffice to say, I hardly ever stop by the forums here for the simple fact that most of you are worse than any 'sewing circle' of old ladies ever! So when I heard about JS7, I had to drop in and you guys DIDN'T disappoint at all! LOL, bunch of bitchy ... more »

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waaaaah. I'd REALLY hate to see your version of MX! Motocross was a sport back when you were still swimming in your daddy's balls. Real racing with contact and everything...Hannah, Smith, Chicken, hell Sorby wasn't that long ago.... remember the weekly ... more »

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of course he beat you to it bullpiss, you are not very original.

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Uh, yeah....they rush to the MX boards to see what their next move should be.

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Toomey:' pussy this pussy tha't. Your version of MX racing is for pussies like yourself? You ever watched ANY MX racing prior to the sport being sterilized for limp wrists like you? Early 70's, 80's, and maybe some 90s had what tough guys referred to ... more »

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LOL, and every member's post here isn't? You TWAT. Typical post bringing in some notoriety to feel validated. "ooooh, you just buuurned Hart and his wife" God, some of you are retarded.

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The REAL era has begun. I was all giddy with anticipation as to whom would run to their computers to be the first to cup this boys nuts. How foolish to call out a championship after one race

Some of you ladybois kill me ... more »
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Magoo was absolutely legit. Loved watching the Wide World of Sports Superbike races....didn't he get stung by a bee during one of those and almost had an anaphylactic reaction? My favorite MX pic ever is Magoo riding WFO with his bars bent at an impossible ... more »

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Competitive to what? He said he has had fun building it to ride and race with his son. Didn't catch the part where he said the Supercorss was in town and he was going to enter to 'give it a go'. That said, I bet Bubba could get on one of his #259 Kawi ... more »

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Since my cable company is lame, I surfed around online to find who was streaming and subscribed to something called edigitalplace or something like that. My question: does Fox really cut to commercials at the end of the race and(last 2 laps) during important ... more »

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What Would Magoo Do? Chandler was an animal.

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It is also no secret that overweight, 'never-was' riders certainly enjoy the typical dogpile here on Vital. I bet you were hoping your post would ignite the typical rider trashing thread. Its so easy to point out James' shortcomings from the comfort ... more »

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I was always good with Teefus, I enjoyed his insight and pics of the sport I love. R.I.P. to the true Factory Spectator. Dude didn't know me but took time to show me a few pics he shot that day at the Vegas SX many years ago.

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Never heard of this until seeing this thread on a bmx sweet would that be? The DG thread got me thinking about it, here is a rare Redline (Chatsworth California) XR frame and swingarm setup. Anyone here have one? Or even seen one? Sweet

... more »

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I haven't been to a race in years. Used to go to 3-5 Sx's and at least 2 nats each year. I'm no less a fan, but damn I can stay at home and save the $$, AVOID the drunk a-holes that seem to dominate every race (and getting worse from what I hear and ... more »

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Every time I see a rider these days pull off the track on an otherwise ridable bike...I ALWAYS remember this pic of Magoo

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nice! Tomacs payback on the cockeyed scotsman was epic!

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LOL, husq...go get your geritol, slip on your depends for the evening, and get to bed. Bottom line is that it isn't your cup of tea. We get it. So why come on here swinging at the fence like you are at a high school kegger? Just get back to your american ... more »

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Sorby was good at one thing in MX: riding aggressive/borderline dirty. Takeout moves while battling for 18th place.

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Oh come on dude.... Im a graduate of the BobbyM school of goading and trolling. Seen it for years. Read it. Absorbed it. Came on here and 'wet-towel-popped' the best of them only to get a frustrated 'fuckoff'. I'm actually honored.......Seriously!