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Didnt Bowers also miss a round or two, Savatgy very lucky not to miss a round. So riders pretty much know they go into a SX season with a close on 50/50 chance of being injured. I can't think of another motorsport where the odds are that high of injury. ... more »

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Its hard to always find high-quality protection for the smallest kids, my son turned 8 this week and there is not much of him size wise. Have just got him into the new 6D ATR-2Y helmet, amazed how light it is for what is a bulkier-looking helmet. Knee ... more »

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RandyS = RandyS824 Caseclosed713 = caseclosed rcm406 = RCM406 or GRAMPS Wolf918 = wolfjohnson peelout = peelout mx_phreek = Mx_phreek HD1200 = Jtomlin001 AZ35 = AZ35 Iwreckalot = RYanwhitmore19 fogmoto = fogmoto Ranman68 = Ranman68 Aaryn #234 - Aaryn234 ... more »

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I can't see it being in W.A being an issue, for most of the guys apart from a few it might be their only chance to ever race a GP. Also one of the very few chances to show their skills to the GP manager in front of their eyes, I would think no matter ... more »

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Could try not allowing Holeshot buttons, or electronics that allow riders to hold the throttle open at a set RPM for he launch. First one is an easy fix, second one may be harder to police, either way putting more emphasis on the rider to control the ... more »

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If I am Marv, sure I am bummed about the seven points and the big dent it will put in his championship chances, which in the end will cost him even more money, those championship bonuses are worth a bit! However out of all of this, I think Marv would ... more »

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How do you re-enter a track from the back side of a berm you just got punted off safely ?

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If only Webb had back flipped while cutting such a big section of the track off, none of this would matter. Seen it in a BMX documentary once, big final race, kid jumps the track but pulls a back flip and never touches the infield of the track, so all ... more »

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Really enjoyed the content you have produced at Vital over the past few years, will certainly continue to follow your You Tube work.

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Ferris has won the past three Australian Championships on that bike, he know how to ride it

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It's all good, I hear he is on his way to Canada so he can keep playing.

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Yep, that was crazy, Reed done well to keep that upright, think it might have been the last time he hit that quad to.

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Sorry you are right, the reason Ken has not won in 2019 so far is that he physically can't compete with the rest of the field! That makes perfect sense, the guy who finished second tonight and was the red plate holder coming into the night, by your words ... more »

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Got D'qed but footage will be aired in the highlights reel every week for the rest of the season. Yep you can't do that, you are DQed, but we will use it to promote the sport to the masses for weeks on end.

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Yeah ok! He physically competed with all those guys tonight, maybe your eyesight needs improving! Would he be a better rider today if he had not had those arm injuries? Who knows, you would assume so, but then again maybe not. Right there in front of ... more »

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One is a regional series one is a world championship, leave the 250 guys to be interviewed during the week by the media outlets, just have the 450 guys up there. Though I have enjoyed the 250 press conferences, but having them all up there was not good. ... more »

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Complete opposite here, my internet speed is average at best, but either watching the NBC stream live or replay it has been faultless.

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Passed Wilson late in the race as well, another great ride.

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What is everyone's thoughts on the staggered start? I personally think it is a great thing, it is bad enough that riders running up front get penalized through no fault of their own when the red flag comes out, with the gap to the rider behind them being ... more »

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