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So we have gone from arguing to which one is faster to which one had more pressure on them, brilliant.

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Really not sure, I would say round two will be the same as the same promoter is running rounds 1 and 2. Rounds 3 and 4 are being run by another promoter, that does have some ties to the promoter of our MX nationals, who's son owns / Runs NRGTV, who stream ... more »

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Shameless plug haha, but I have just posted the races up from round one over at Fullnoise, if someone wanted to they could embed here as well. Man it looked dry. Aus SX Round 1

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Don't think any looking for excuses, just none there. I normally cover for one or two publications, but to much going on for me to get to the opening two rounds. Just seen Yamaha's Insty, they had updates by the looks of it and Jimboombs StadiumX page, ... more »

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It is going to be uploaded to Youtube, I just don't know when. Keep an eye on this youtube page. Jimboomba

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Cheers Block, Sucks he had a big one, from lap times he looked like he was close to Brayton in Qualifying. Man numbers are not good, and does not look good for the future with the low junior riders numbers, though I think they will increase at the last ... more »

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Have been told he crashed and was knocked out, I'm not at the first two rounds. From past years, getting coverage out of there once the crowd rocks in is near impossible, with this being on a Saturday arvo, between the crowd on hand and a generally busy ... more »

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If it is upload to Youtube I would say yes, Keep an eye on this youtube channel in 24 hours time, It will be up there at some point once racing finishes, but not exactly sure on the time frame.

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It looks as though Crawford will race the final round at Aus-X As for live stream, nothing that I know of so far, there is meant to be a replay on Youtube of round one uploaded as soon as racing has finished tomorrow, will post a link as soon as I see

... more »
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Has a deal for 19 now been done? Latest pics of Reed on insty he is wearing Scott goggles, he wouldnt have gucen up his personal goggle contract and now be wearing Scott without signing a team contract right?

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I'm a big Reed fan, but what makes you think he would fare any better than Waters who is also coming off injury, currently is in the MXGP? Gibbs faired pretty well last year at MXoN. Evans is an unknown on the international scene as of yet, but as a ... more »

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Wonder what would happen now if the French needed to replace one of their riders between now and the MXoN. Would they call Marv up? Would he answer the call? Crazy decision to not pick Marv. Though if France still come through and win again the team

... more »
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Hopefully, the majority of the top Aussie riders head over for it. It will be interesting to see how many do as it is not part of the Aussie title, but being half of the Oceania championship it might entice a number of riders to make the trip. Hoping ... more »

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This is Travis at the age of 15 scrubbing for the first time. It was at this exact moment he realised backflipping would be easier, as history went on to show, he was correct.

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I want to see him line up at A1 on that bike, that would create some attention.

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I have watched that at least 20 times now, so dam impressive.

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I think the OP needs to see the footage of Herlings throwing a little X-games style into his qualifying moto! Heads up on both of their fastest laps on any given track, Tomac V Herlings battle would be epic. Ahhh the current generation of Euro V AMA ... more »

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Agree with that, There are many reasons why people ride and or race. I do it mainly for the fun, I am never winning a top class trophy in this life time, sure I have won a couple of C grade and Vet local club titles, but that was more to do with rocking

... more »
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Think Mellross will be 100% committed to the Aus SX series. Gibbs would have to be in doubt after that nasty crash at Ranch. Ill be watching both the Aussie SX round and the MXoN from Tassie as the Aussie Junior wrap up! Good money at the moment could ... more »

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PJ I don't mean to be an Ass, I am also passionate about the sport. Don't get me wrong I would love a world where senior and junior racing were still separate for the most part, it would make my life easier on both fronts of racing myself and then my ... more »