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Good dude, spent a bit of time racing here in Australia, but ran into some Visa issues unfortunately, or maybe fortunately with that result on the weekend.

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Dumbgeon, no way this is going to the HOF. More pages than a JS7 come back Topic in it prime

This could go down as the biggest topic every for a bike that may never actually exist!
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Last two brands to win 450 outdoor titles in the U.S.... Go

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Awesome Cheers JT

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Any plans to make the Formula CC in more Youth Sizes, looks like the same as the formula at the moment and only available in Youth large, which is pretty much the same size at an Adult XS. Spent a few hours Friday night looking around at helmets for ... more »

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Finally got the graphics on my 2020 RM-Z 250

... more »
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Most guys kick start their bike in a dead engine race? Guessing you live under a bridge

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Raced a cross country event on the weekend on a 20 RM-Z250, dead engine start with hands on bars, started first kick, I still fumbled clicking into gear and still managed a mid pack start over a field of E-Start bikes.

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I think it is more than just the dirt bike range that is being released via facebook. There is also the bikes we get that other countries don't including the WR range. I'm in the same boat, will be at work on Friday, so will have to sneak off and watch ... more »

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I still have my set of this gear packed up nicely in the cupboard, doubtful ill ever fit into it again, but I'm not letting it go

Think it was the first set of THOR I purchased.
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I have just had my forks done last night, hanging to ride it again on the weekend. I love the RM-Z 250, but the fork setting on the 20 is just horrible. Don't want to spam to hard here, but see if you can get your hands on the power tuner that is available ... more »

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Pretty much the same here in Aus, From the sounds of it all fun / trail bikes are near sold out along with a lot of junior race bikes. Sales are well up on all Enduro Models. We get a quarterly sales report on all motorcycle sales, the next one is going ... more »

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Would be more likely that the 250F gets the updated frame, pretty sure only the 450 got the latest updates last year, normally the 250 gets them the following year. The 250F was completely unchanged from 19 to 20.

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Its funny, back in 08 / 09 I was working in a bike shop, FLY was seen much in Australia then, but we carried it, it was the cheap option we pushed customers towards. Colorways were average at best and I never thought about wearing it. Now I am rocking ... more »

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But sex is easier than pooping once the knee braces are on. Why do you always feel like a dump the second after you finish putting knee braces on.

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How is the reaction of the dude in the back ground, is he casually walking away.

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Can you see why I was disappointed, really starting question this forum, starting to think a rename to either Vital Tube or Vital Hub is on the cards.

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Topic was not what I was expecting it to be, a little disappointed to be honest.

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It is the Australian thing to do. The last season should last at least 2-3 years. A singer's last concert tour should be done across ten years with the final tour held on multiple occasions. Every heard an Aussie say just one more beer! If they leave ... more »

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It is already a given the Webb wins on Wednesday night, he is the Wednesday night Wonder. He will go down in history as the winning-est rider on a Wednesday night in Supercross History. Webb Wednesday Winningest Wonder, just hanging to hear Ralph run ... more »