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Sorry you are right, the reason Ken has not won in 2019 so far is that he physically can't compete with the rest of the field! That makes perfect sense, the guy who finished second tonight and was the red plate holder coming into the night, by your words ... more »

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Got D'qed but footage will be aired in the highlights reel every week for the rest of the season. Yep you can't do that, you are DQed, but we will use it to promote the sport to the masses for weeks on end.

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Yeah ok! He physically competed with all those guys tonight, maybe your eyesight needs improving! Would he be a better rider today if he had not had those arm injuries? Who knows, you would assume so, but then again maybe not. Right there in front of ... more »

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One is a regional series one is a world championship, leave the 250 guys to be interviewed during the week by the media outlets, just have the 450 guys up there. Though I have enjoyed the 250 press conferences, but having them all up there was not good. ... more »

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Complete opposite here, my internet speed is average at best, but either watching the NBC stream live or replay it has been faultless.

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Passed Wilson late in the race as well, another great ride.

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What is everyone's thoughts on the staggered start? I personally think it is a great thing, it is bad enough that riders running up front get penalized through no fault of their own when the red flag comes out, with the gap to the rider behind them being ... more »

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That pass was tamer than Adam's on RJ last weekend, I am a Ken fan, and Anderson, didn't see to much in that. Was watching with a mate, both thought there was not much in it, when you compare the passes JS7, Reed and RC put on each other it was nothing, ... more »

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This season is shaping up to be epic, Friese 3rd smashed Ken and Anderson , results from last week turned on their head already hope this keeps up, picking a winner is hard, which is great

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Easy fix, run Firefox

No issues with full screen on Firefox, the only issue is my shitty NBN connection haha.
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Why should anyone pay the blatant overpriced fee? The $130 package works out to $183 in AUD. Yet the exact same stream is available for with the addition of motocross for $125 AUD with the use of a VPN, which from my understanding are not illegal. Shit ... more »

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He was Better than Anderson outdoors, He was not better than Anderson over 17 rounds of Supercross. He was better than Anderson at 9 or so rounds of SX, but the season is 17 races not nine. Anderson was the better rider in last years championship. There ... more »

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How cool the track was, including that double double and Anderson, there just has to be more to it than just an off night.

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You don't luck into a championship, there are 44 riders at every night show you still have to beat and score more points than over the course of 17 rounds. You win Lotto by luck, not a World Supercross Championship!

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This is about the only thing I would like to see, either this or keep the silence

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Spewing I found this out after shelling out for NBC doh, could have streamed it straight from my phone to the TV for nothing. Ahh well, at least I have the ESPN as a back up when I am not at home for races.

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Webb and Reed were unreal coming through the field, though Webb kept it going all the way to the finish. This weekend leaves more questions than answers though. How many good rides or bad rides were due to the conditions. Do Webb and Reed come that far ... more »

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Was he sick or injured, did not look himself in either his heat or main and it only got worse the race went on longer in both cases. I doubt this is the norm from the #1 this season.

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The set up set me back around $250 AUD, though $130 of that was the VPN cost for three years which will come in handy for some extra Netflix and Stan shows lol. So pretty much paid out $250 so I did not have to watch A1 three hours later! Though it will ... more »

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I have foxtel still. so I can watch on Delay if all else fails. But I want to watch live