Added reply in a thread The Indo track looks amazing... 6/25/2022 12:52 AM

Almost looks like Broadford in Australia!

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I could quite happily retire and live in that house in the first picture, with amazing looking track and the ocean as the view looks stunning.

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Race day posts were always the best with Scottie, lucky enough to converse with him on occasions via chat, being on the other side of the world I was never lucky enough to meet him in person.

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If we read into your last two posts, regarding at least one more Honda team and One more Yamaha, and this post with two solid Australian teams, I am guessing you are hearing Konsky will be running some form of team with some form of Backing from Honda ... more »

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Even playing it smart, no one but Anderson has his speed over 20 Minutes, not even close. Sexton on a good night maybe, but he still struggles to put 20min worth of consistent top speed laps down. Malcom has the speed, but again not for consistently ... more »

Added a comment about video Dean Wilson's Vlog - Crazy San Diego Race! 1/28/2022 11:00 PM

The first one I have watched, was brilliant. Top ten easy this weekend

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That is some sad news, Relied on his posts so much in my early days on this forum. Probably the most important content here. RIP Dwayne Williams.

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Musquin in 4th was disappointing? Even though he out rode Sexton over the final two laps for 4th? Interesting take.

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My son does this but with the handlebars it drives me nuts. You see that dad he went over the front bars. You mean the F#*king Handle Bars, can you see any Handle bars on the rear of the bike.

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Waiting patiently to see the YZ85 on the 8th

Added reply in a thread Ferrandis and the Star Yamaha. 7/5/2021 1:02 AM

The Letters A and L are very important letters, just saying

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And Duffy is coming, 18 year old mixing it with the best left in Australia including Clout, Waters, Metcalfe, Gibbs, Mellross and more and leading the championship after two rounds. Australian moto stocks are in good hands right now!

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Where does the $200 saving come from, which parts are different?

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Stumbled onto the podium? WTF He was right on Mosiman's rear wheel, Mosiman was not far off Jett and Craig. Did Shimoda get a little lucky? Yes. But it was not like he was miles off the pace. Craig and Jett were not down for long, but enough time for ... more »

Added reply in a thread Was last night the best SX ever? 1/31/2021 1:44 PM

Best ever no, But certainly a great round of racing, it had a bit of everything. Think the track helped. While it was a little tight, the jumps were peaky as hell, throwing riders more up into the air than across, timing was everything, every small miss ... more »

Added reply in a thread Christian Craig - Dohhhh! 1/31/2021 1:41 PM

Dirty, not really. Would every rider try the same, probably. But it was still stupid, especially in hindsight. Sure it would have sucked to get beaten by Jett; and finish 3rd, but the end result was an extra two positions lost, and more points lost to ... more »

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I have just gone through the same thing with my Son, 9 about to turn 10 in a couple of months. He was in a 6D Medium Youth, great helmets, but on the heavier side, he now needs a Adult XS, so a little more weight again. Ended up going with the Fly Formula, ... more »

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All 1588 of them!

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Good dude, spent a bit of time racing here in Australia, but ran into some Visa issues unfortunately, or maybe fortunately with that result on the weekend.