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If not mudders, 4 - Tomac, Anderson, Roczen and Marv, outside of that certainly riders that could be capable at their top form, but see it hard to see any races finishing without at least one of the four I just mentioned not on the top step without something ... more »

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Think it was too late for a factory ECU, but the bike is guaranteed to deliver

... more »
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That is so cool, kids first race is a super proud dad moment for sure

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I stand by my comment, injured.

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Maybe his real persona is injured at the moment.

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Good on the dude for getting out there and having a crack, looked like fun.

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Yep, great Video, can't believe I have only just seen it.

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the cinematography was great, but I could not watch it for long with the narration, so feaking annoying.

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From my understanding it’s gone here as well, notice all the Yamaha supported riders at the 65cup have moved over to Scott.

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I have even noticed this across the social platforms and even advertising, seems to be a much bigger push towards the road products and even their adventure bikes. What they have achived in dirt bike racing in the past ten years has been massive, looks ... more »

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This Off-Season is shaping up to be a cracker, plenty of Dumgeon and HOF topics coming up by the looks of it, probably a 95 - 5 split haha.

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No different here in Australia, My race licence is no different to Dean Ferris race licence. If I chose to, I could enter a round of the Australian motocross chamiponship, I would be so much slower than the leaders it would not be funny, but I could ... more »

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If that is the case, guess Herlings needs to race some Flat Track, Enduro. Extreme Enduro, throw in a little desert racing. Idiot

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Or you can look at it that his front wheel would not have exploded if he made the down ramp. Ballsy attempt, glad he is ok.

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Take the H out of your title, pop in an extra N and you are already there. Haha sorry could not resist. U.S.A will win again one day, good to see it being won by many other countries at the moment. DOH, someone please beat team France next year haha. ... more »

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I think, either way, if he was to beat SE72's record or if he decided to take a year or two to head to the U.S and win an outdoor MX title, he would be immortalized in the history of the sport. It's possible he does both! But I can't see him also adding ... more »

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You should have guessed I was not serious when I am from Australia and suggested the U.S team be able to have our current #1 prospect on their team

Australia is looking good for future years, Evans was awesome, he is young and only stepped ... more »
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Hunter is from North Queensland though yeah, that is a pretty Humid region. Every chance to win the MX title next year, certainly not guaranteed but a chance. Hopefully just makes it through SX and is 100% when MX starts. LOL pretty much the same for ... more »

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You could slide in Tomac for either Roczen or Marvin, I would go with leaving Marv out for Tomac, then ask him to fill in if Ken could not ride or chose Germany. The Aussie boy would be a clear choice of course. Seriously I can't believe France won again ... more »

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I would force any rider from another country racing in the AMA to get American citizenship and run with. Marvin Musquin Ken Roczen Hunter Lawrence