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Jett Lawrence and Liam Everts raced RM85's back in 2017 and those bikes were fast! They got HGS pipes and other trick parts. But if you fix his suspension he won't need a faster bike this first year. A specialist will make the stock suspension work better

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You deserve it! You did good things for the motocommunity!

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Did those big names got start money?

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Jago seems to screw his career up. He was on the same level of Prado for almost his entire 85cc career. Because he and his parents wanted to do school the normal way he raced EMX a little longer then Prado but look at him at the moment. Last year he ... more »

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Darian Sanayei (USA) Mitchell Harrison (USA) Meico Vettik (EST) Cyril Genot (BEL) Lorenzo Locurcio (VEZ) All riders who wouldn't look silly. On the other hand riders able to win aren't free at the moment. Even riders as Vettik, Genot and Locurcio have ... more »

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Robbie Reynard, look him up and put the footage next to the modern European style from Ken but also Jett, Hunter,...

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I think that could be a problem too for PC. The team is known for paying low salary but giving super high bonus money! In the past riders were betting on themselves and the combo with the PC Bike, because you knew the PC Bike was the best bike. Now Mitch ... more »

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Because in Europe KTM is the only brand that takes the 250 U23 series seriously. If you look at the money HRC is throwing into the 250 class in the USA with two top riders and they've build a competitive bike too... And in Europe you've Livia who needs ... more »

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Moto3 rider Dupasquier dies after Mugello qualifying crash Swiss Moto3 rider Jason Dupasquier has tragically died from injuries sustained in a horror crash at the end of qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello on Saturday. The 19-year-old crashed ... more »

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Sometimes it becomes easier when your better half likes spending time at the track too. My mom liked spending time at the track, talking with other wives, watching family racing, enjoying the great weather. And when you go to the track with a VAN, you ... more »

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Some young marketeers think they can sell as much unites without spending millions on riders and bikes. I've talked with some of them and they are very convinced of their vision. A vision that is miles away from the old saying "Win on Sunday sell on ... more »

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Does anyone has the contract years of all riders? Then you can make a decent estimation from who is open and is a solid choice for what team. Rumors are also there that Marvin Musquin would stay with Red Bull, but would switch from the Orange KTM's to ... more »

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The kid is 23 year old and won his first championship. Dunno if he has it in him to set the 450 class on fire.

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Eli Tomac 》Star Yamaha JA21 》Bobby Hewitt Honda (Could be Kawasaki) Deano 》Bobby Hewitt AP7 》Husqvarna (or KTM) MM25 》KTM (or Husqvarna) The big question is, what role will Blake Baggett play in this Silly Season. He could be Kawasaki's solution.

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I guess it is needless to say that the TLD team didn't run a successful campaign as Official 250 team for KTM. Also I've a few doubts about the signings back then. Now KTM is running the 250 team in house again and didn't had anyone ready, I can imagine ... more »

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Between 3 and 8 would be OK, but who thinks that they should squeeze in a real tight arenacross like race. Something between Bercy (Original), Geneva and Supercross Lille.

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If we use a VPN to watch live streams pretending to be in whatever country needed, then we're criminals. But its OK to use a VPN and to pay and watch?! Why can't the AMA Pro Nationals do like the AMA Flat Track racers? They have a free live stream on ... more »

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Rumors are going around that he will be racing outdoors only for BETA in 2022. Van Horebeek also said in interviews that the brand is really pushing towards the American market in 2022.

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Once there was a young brilliant fast rider, everyone was all hyped up about. A few concussions and privileged green lights from the medics to make the start later he is riding GNCC... Back to McAdoo, he crashed hard on Tuesday, crashes hard in Saturday ... more »

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Didn't know that, that is pity!