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Hell no, we need to remind the 4 stroke riders how big of inferior pussies they are every now and then or else they’ll start feeling good about themselves and they don’t deserve to.

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Yamaha actually has their head out of their ass and gives you the manual with the bike, just like every manufacturer should. If I'm buying a bike I damn well better get the service manual with it, Honda and the others charging additional for it are just ... more »

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Holy hell I can’t believe the hate this is getting, if something brings joy to someone and fulfillment to their life who am I or anyone else to imply that they’re wrong or make snide remarks about it? If being involved in their church is beneficial to ... more »

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Social media is great if you use it correctly, so many opportunities are available from it and it’s easier than ever before for the everyday person to reach large audiences and create a path for themselves. Some choose to use it in negative ways, but ... more »

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Depending on the part, yes it is. Pitting and etching in the metal like that is just a wide open invitation for a fatigue failure since they act as an absolutely stellar stress raiser. Now, it’s not really likely that any parts on a dirtbike exposed ... more »

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Definitely a step in the right direction, maybe not perfect but definitely a start and that should be recognized. Can’t wait to see some footage, hopefully some leniency can be shown if riders wanted to post full moto videos to their YouTube channels ... more »

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You’re wrongly assuming my religious beliefs, but regardless keep that garbage to yourself. I really didn’t need to go through your post history at all since you’re present in damn near every single thread, and usually contributing absolutely nothing ... more »

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Not surprisingly to me (or likely anyone else who's had the pleasure of reading the absolute gems you post on the daily), you're missing the point here. The point is that CA has a massive emissions issue, and it's not caused by dirtbikes. In fact, dirtbikes

... more »
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I just did a fare bit of reading and here's what worries me. 1. Starting with 2022 model years red sticker designation will go away. This means that you're not going to be riding your new motocross bike at state parks anymore, only ttr's, crf's, etc. ... more »

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Didn't see a topic for this so here it is: Now before everyone blasts them for not including the names of the other manufacturers like we would have wanted in an ideal world, ... more »

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Could it be possible that different riders prefer different characteristics of a bike, and that there is no “better” bike for everyone? Or is that too crazy of a possibility to even be considered. . .

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That’s awesome to hear, sounds like you guys had a great night. I literally lol when I read about how it’s just as good for some guys on here to watch from their couch and that it’s too big of a hassle for them to go to the races in person, you sure ... more »

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Lack of exposure was the last thing that killed Alta, they couldn't even keep up with the demand for their bikes. I'll be curious to see the specs on this bike as well, I'll be shocked if it's better than Alta's but you never know. If the price tag is ... more »

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I gotta say, hearing the crowd go absolutely nuts for Tomac all night was pretty damn cool. I'm not much of a Tomac fan but regardless of how you feel about the guy that was a really special night, love seeing that kind of stuff.

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YZ125 and 250 will get the updated 4 stroke swingarm, a slightly steeper rake, and electric start. Oh wait that what would make sense to do, I’m sure they’ll just slap some new stickers on it and raise the msrp $300.

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Lol I love it when people get called out on their BS, this is

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You’re such a dickhead for this I don’t even know what to say at this point, hope karma bites your ass good because this is total bullshit.

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We’ll since nobody else seems to want to participate I guess SP and I are going to have to pull all the weight.

... more »
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Happy Birthday to Jessy, how he’s handled his recovery is nothing short of amazing and inspiring to everyone.

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I don’t know what happened to my black hole meme but here we go again. Come on guys throw something in here, you scared of losing your AMA membership or something?