Added reply in a thread Rene Hofer RIP 12/4/2021 3:56 PM

Just saw this on Facebook. Had to read it twice, thought it was a joke at first. RIP.

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Febvre crashes and it's because Euros can't ride supercross. Really? Every year one of the top US (based) riders is hurt either pre season or early into the season.

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Heap of TwoTwo Motorsport table cloths went missing from their pit setup back in the day (maybe 2012ish?). 2013,20/Stolen-from-TWOTWO-at-High-Point,1256084?exclusive_forum_user=false&page=1

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Next set of gear will be Renen. Made in usa is main selling point, but it also looks like it has it's own unique style.

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Hoppenworld? Tony Balziers site has heap of pictures up too.

Added reply in a thread 3-part Carmichael 2-stroke debate 10/3/2021 7:29 PM

1) Yes 2) Always thought about this myself. Would have loved for them to have both been on 2 or even 4 strokes that year. 3) Yes.

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That book was on my list of books to read until I saw some of the other books the author wrote.

Added reply in a thread Seely's Cryptocurrency 9/24/2021 3:13 PM

Interesting post, obviously you have good knowledge of some of the issues facing crypto currencies. One question I am struggling with is why Altcoins have any value. I believe in the premises behind Bitcoin as I see it as completely different to all ... more »

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Found it nauseating.

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1st moto Hunter was 6ish in the second corner, bit later on the first lap the broadcast mentioned he was in 20th so I am guessing he went down.

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Came in thinking he must have got flooded again. Was not expecting this. RIP Newmann.

Added reply in a thread J Coop's Washougal Crash Video 7/25/2021 2:42 AM

Watching the race, was thinking he might have got an injury from that crash. Can't see him hit the ground in your video but at that speed he would have hit hard. Gutsy ride to get back on and finish.

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There is a record for distance between take off ramp and points on the landing ramp. So if it's the longest total distance jump, but the 'ramp gap' is not the record in some peoples opinions it opens up the option for criticism. OP or Mod should probably ... more »

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Had the quad graft done in 2015. Interestingly, looked like quad was performed by most surgeons in Australia, but patellar seemed to be used more in America. ^ duboiz gave good advice about getting Range of Motion back. Before I had my surgery I could ... more »

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Ok I skipped most of the first page, but I hope you managed to get one of those glitter seat covers? Was one on ebay for sale a year or two ago but think it was for an RM.

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Did a YZ85 get second in MX3 or is that a typo? Just watched moto 2 and it's 250f

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This guy has come up on my youtube suggested movies for a while know. He works at a lumber yard and has been mentioning the price increase of lumber for many months.

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Looks like your dog is a CR fan!

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Can see it pretty well in this video

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I'm a Tomac fan, hoping he can get the ball rolling after this win, but would not be surprised if he gets a 5th next race.