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I am 48 years old. My most memorable years were living back in Trabuco Canyon mid 70's. In 1980 my mother was killed 1 mile south of Cooks Corner on her way home. I was 13. It shattered our family. My dad bought all four of us kids dirt bikes to help us pass the time. The following year I attended the Saddleback Massacre and stood in the corner where Hannah and Howerton hit each other. (I am actually in the famous pic). Since then my passion for this sport has huge.

I remember when a few events a year were televised like Carlsbad on WWS. Then in the early 80's you could rent some of the SX races at your local dealer under the production of Moto Video. I rented all of them from Mission Honda over and over. Nowadays I feel very fortunate to be able to see both series televised every year.

My favorite riders of all time are. RJ, MC, DV, CR, & TC. I am happily married now for 27 years. Our whole family attends 3 to 4 Supercrosses each year. And never miss any on TV. I live in the High Desert out in Lucerne Valley on 5 acres. All so we can moto anytime we want.
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