Vital MX Pit Bits: St. Louis 10

After the monster season kick-off Pit Bits from A1, we're back with a more reasonably-sized offering.

Vital MX Pit Bits: St. Louis

The Monster Energy Kawasaki rig has a green glow from underneath. It'll have snow underneath on the way home to Anaheim. Drive safe, boys.

Ken got a sweet new lid to start the season. We're wondering if all those layers of paint add some weight?

AJ Catanzaro's SGB/Maxxis/Babbit’s Kawasaki. He and Alex Ray are teamed up this season.

If you want in on some first class heckling and smack-talking, stop by the Mountain Motorsports rig on Friday afternoon before a race.

Vann Martin getting in his warm-up before practice.

Between injuries and illnesses, attendance at the TPJ rig was seriously down. Only Austin Politelli and Dylan Merriam were on the roster this weekend.

Tagger Designs always hooks up Austin Politelli with some cool helmet paint.

Team Faith was on hand in STL, but Dawson Newby just missed the cut for the night show.

Between all the languages spoken at the PRMX Just1 Wossner Pelletier Kawasaki Team, and the array of parts from around the world (like Öhlins suspension, and EZE clamps from Australia), it has quite the international flavor. This is Cade Clason's bike.

A peek into the TXS tent, and Bubba Pauli's helmet.

It looked like the Chaparral / FXR/ Honda crew left the rig at home this week, in favor of something a little more right-sized for the trip to St. Louis and back. They weren't the only team to opt to do that.

The Rockwell/Nuclear Blast/Yamaha crew also kept the rig at home. They're currently down to one rider (of three), with Robbie Wageman being the lone healthy guy at the moment.

We did a quick stop by the Hoosier setup to see what was new. Besides their moto tires, they're also working on some new flattrack treads...obviously not shown here.

There was some thrashing going on at the JMC Motorsports rig on Friday, both on the tuning front, and to dial in a couple of issues with sick powerplants.

Vince Friese has been killing it on starts this season.

We finally got a peek at the new Thor Reflex helmet. It sounds like it'll be available in the summertime, and there are a couple of different technologies (that we've seen) on here. It's feathery light, and as you can see on the vent, it has a crushable honeycomb design material inside, as well as a MIPS system.

The more peeking around we do in the pits, the more Öhlins stuff we're finding.

This was the first time out in 2020 for the KTM Junior Racing Supercross action. No word yet on whether there's a budding Dungey or Villopoto among these riders.

250 West points leader Justin Cooper had some fun this weekend by adding a bit of red to his setup. Gloves, grips, and boots were among the items to go along with his red plates.

Of course, after his win at A1, Justin Barcia had some new red Factory Effex backgrounds for his Yamaha.

Hmm...looks like they're optimistic about his chances this season.

Here's part of Ken Roczen's bionic kit, with the Mobius braces that he wears.

Derek Drake and Hunter Falk getting Derek dialed in before heading out for practice.

After spending time at Pro Circuit, we're still getting used to seeing Adam Walters over at Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM on behalf of WP.

Josh Greco always has the big 'bars.

Daniel Blair offering some friendly words of advice for Jacob Hayes.

New tricks. Old dog...or is that new dog, old tricks? Jett Lawrence and Christian Craig.

Ricky Carmichael checking in with Michael Byrne.

We've seen it before, but the Missouri Mafia butt patch on Austin Forkner was appropriate for this weekend.

The GEICO Honda bikes were back to a more traditional look this weekend, with a red/white/black graphics kit instead of the red/white/silver that they busted out for A1.

You have to keep an eye on Justin Bogle during practice. You never know what he'll be up to.

After winning last week at Anaheim, Justin Barcia came down with a bug that had him feeling a bit low.

Eli Tomac was just a few tenths off of the fast time set by his teammate during qualifying. We've yet to see the best of several riders this season.

Justin Cooper leading the way during one of the qualifying sessions.

Cameron McAdoo had a crash during the second practice that "knocked the wind out of him" (or had him coughing up blood, depending on who was telling the story). He came out for the final qualifying session, rode about half a lap, and pulled back into the pits. Get well soon, Cameron.

Michael Mosiman qualified eighth in St. Louis.

Dylan Ferrandis was the fastest among the 250 qualifiers.

This new Troy Lee Designs gear? It'll be available soon.

Adam Cianciarulo was murdered out for this weekend under the dome in St. Louis. Oh, and he also was the fastest 450 qualifier. He continues to impress.

Ken Roczen got to dig into the big Fox bag of goodies, and came up with this set for the weekend. We likey.

Cooper Webb was also sporting new gear, from his longtime sponsor, Thor. This was also some good-looking stuff. Sounds like he also might have a lung infection.

Justin Hill was ninth fastest in 450 qualifying.

Cody Gilmore and Denny Stephenson were on hand to see what fun they could find in St. Louis. Sounds like some was found.

While he's waiting for the 250 East series to start, Colter Ahrens had some of his close family out to the race.

Kyle Defoe swapping out a few parts on Cameron McAdoo's bike after he rounded off the corners in a crash.

It's been a tough start to the season for the HEP Suzuki guys. Adam Enticknap and Max Anstie are out with injuries, Ryan Breece had to finish up his German Supercross responsibilities this weekend (and was joined by Kyle Chisholm, Tyler Bowers, and more). That left Kyle Cunningham as the only healthy rider at HEP.

Blake Baggett's Fly Formula helmet.

Yikes Addison Emory had a scary crash, and when he got back up, his bike looked like this. We think we can figure out why he went down.

Flashing signs.

Ken Roczen shutting down Adam Cianciarulo on a practice start.

Benny Bloss was another home-stater looking for a good race. He'd had a tough outing for round one at Anaheim, and had missed the main. Man, how he tucks those long legs under the bars in corners, we'll never know. Compare that style to Jason Anderson and Fredrik Noren...who's got the best style?

Jason Anderson.

Fredrik Noren.

You know the rule. Good style gets rewarded. Dean Wilson knows this.

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