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If this thing could talk... This is my dads original toolbox that he used for many years racing in the woods of Michigan. I now use it for a RV Road box. Sears "yellow tape" still on the side from the day he bought it. (1971-72) Still works perfectly.

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An known OG "insider" has made a couple logical posts in here asking the witch hunters to just be patient and wait until one of the parties involved drop's more info and he is down voted for it. Hahaha. He basically asked you all to be men and respect ... more »

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Sounds like he was offered the Sprinter van gig.... but wanted the $1 mil Semi gig instead. Everyone knows you cant just go racing with a bike and van. Duh. /s

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Im hungry now...

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Don't you think the electric revolution has the opportunity to lower costs eventually? The tech will become more affordable. Maybe even a sealed engine and spec batteries? Less wear parts, less time rebuilding engines, etc. Teams can focus on suspension settings and the power curve will be adjusted with a laptop. Just a thought...

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I bought a 1999 YZ 250 off the showroom floor when I was 18 (That I could NOT afford)..... Because The King said so. (I lost soooo much money on that one.) This social media "theme" is not for grown folk..... Its for young impressionable kids. Adults ... more »

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I asked on page one what is happening.... and now I am on page 8 and still dont know what happened. Can someone give me the cliff notes? Thank you.

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He is working on expanding his solidworks design skills. But seriously.... Is he retiring? Or cant find a ride? I love watching Ol'Chuper.

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I forget the bike is smaller...That top picture looks like Benny Bloss on a 450.... The scale looks off. haha.

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I guess my my point is that $1 Million rigs are NOT needed to race a motorcycle at a high level. They simply are not. If you run with a reasonable equipment/budget you dont have to ask for millions from sponsors. But If that is the case I will have to ... more »

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My family has been purchasing "lifetime memberships" for a whole lifetime. hahah. So there's that...

I put all of my dads pins on a board a few years ago for his B Day. The AMA has been a part of my life so long that the fees are just part ... more »
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In my opinion JGR was the best "looking" team. The colors. The graphics. The Logos and team branding. The semis..... etc. I loved them. They seemed to have good racecraft but a lot of bad luck. BUT.... How the hell can a team this professional just go ... more »

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You should be more clear as to what you are looking for... Are you just trying to get a new frame and they are the only ones that sell it? Or are you looking for a "gosh dude that sucks... but you know what....we're a amazing Company. So we are just ... more »

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That was enjoyable

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The marshmallows and his dog had me rolling. To the people who asked if old GOAT can still sell bikes?..... I think he just sold 1000 new KX's.

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It looks like a motley mess of design styles all mashed into one. It also tries to tick too many boxes at one time... But what the hell do I know?

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Go to your local Bus/Transport companies and inquire if they have any used vans for sale. Here in Michigan we have a bunch of "old folks" home "people moving" companies and they have a bunch of High top old vans. I have bought a couple that way. Around ... more »

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I can def feel the RC car vibe in the style too. Love it.

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Smokes and Road beers..... Bring em back. I mean.... We have CBD oil already.
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You think you could pop over there and take a look at that TV stand for $70? I'm in the market and that one seems fair..