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Uh no thanks.... Any man that grabs another mans dink for fun is a f--kin weirdo. FFWD to 0:45

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You should practice step 1 more...

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Yep, I do. I also enjoy things outside of moto. You should try laughing once in a while... its great.

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Very carefully and early...

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These people judging couldnt lift RC briefcase. Who gives a shit what the greatest of ALL TIME sounds like announcing? His insight is worth the fumbling. He has more talent than they will ever have and they are just bummed he is still winning and they ... more »

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Meanwhile... the program directors decided to cancel the 450 heat races so we can watch Craig load his stuff in the trailer.

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These companies just raise the price to make people think they are in a "special insider" club. The funny part is there is people that actually buy into this jazz. haha. oh and guess what? There is only a 1000 of them.... so they are super duper "rare" ... more »

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I have always thought that the slower the machine.... the better the racing. Mistakes are more costly and the cream truly rises to the top when HP is less of a factor. More focus on lines and not just hanging on to a rocket ship.

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^ This. In my opinion Ken is his own biggest competitor. If he just put blinders on and clicked laps and ignored his "mental coach" I think he would do much better. But what the hell do I know?... Ive never won any nationals.

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I was working and not watching.... just listening to the race. What happened to Blose? I only saw MC31 mom and girlfriend crying on the sidelines. Link or vid to what happened to Blose? Thank you.

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Imagine being the dude that used to win all these races.... Then General Sipes and a bunch of snipers showed up and made you work for it. haha. Damn it.

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If I was Cameron I would be honored. haha These are all solid. Thank God he is ok after that dinger. Watching him slouch against those tuff blocks was real.

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No thanks, videos are hard to watch, depending on where you are. You can read anywhere. Bummer

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Your comment isnt going to age well... j/k Ill bet he can top 5-7 at half the events. Maybe gab a win at one if everything is clickin. Sipes shows up and gets top 5's. He is much faster than Sipes. IMO. Also. The thing about Kailub is when he gets beat ... more »

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Here, there, and even Youtube. We prefer here. wink

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We have had "Graphene" lipos in RC Cars for years and I noticed no difference at all. None. They were sold as higher discharge voltage and higher C Rating but I myself noticed no difference. Ive been in RC for 30 years at the pro level... I know batteries. ... more »

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Who? (ICE was here....)

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Id like to hear a review on these as well. For now I just have been cutting slots in the side of my %100 goggles. Price?

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My wife always asked why they covered him and his "music skills" on the broadcasts a few years ago. She said "Dont you have to do good sometimes to get that kind of coverage?" ouch.

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I bet this guy rides all the time.....