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I was there.

I was just a little guy but when we went to the Detroit Supercross that year and I heard DH's new 4 stroke...... I was hooked. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP..... ... more »
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It is spelled tyre in many English speaking parts of the world

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As someone who has bought older "personal favorite" bikes for around the same price... I would say HELL NO. Not again. Its fun for the first few rips of full nostalgia but as soon as a guy rips a holeshot on a brand new bike next to you... all of the ... more »

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Or maybe he just wanted to ride a Triumph across the beauty of the US. I love all the random BS rumors and made up shit though...

Keep it coming morans.
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"its a little harsh though....."

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I was at the track years ago and brought the "back up gennie" for the weekend... The guy next to me came over and asked if I had a Hooker Header on it. Yeah it was that loud. He unplugged it and just plugged me into his Honda. haha. Ive never used it ... more »

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How bout that blue groove in the MXON footage. wow.

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Im over here digging in my glove box trying to find zip ties and these cats are riding in this. haha.

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Ahhh that new bike smell. Ive only had it once and its a real thing.... enjoy it.

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Ohhhh boi that Dylan Ferrandis shot in the first batch is awesome.

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Congrats! Cool to see RV giving ya some pointers. haha. Enjoy the hell out of it. on a sad note: Man. I miss my bronco...

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So Kailubs bike was blowing smoke and somehow made up 5-10 seconds on an uphill in July 3 hours deep....? ehhhhhhhhh I dunno. The last shot they showed of Toth he was elbows up and charging. Doesnt make sense. But anyways. Great race today.

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Dangerous or not... You are NEVER going to catch me in those tights. Hope you catch that scumbag.

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Yeah ill be honest.... I giggled at that one.

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Id still find a way to blame the bike for my old ass not winning. haha. But seriously, Gorgeous build and I love the lengths you went to keep a consistent color scheme.

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The fit and finish of their off road stuff is beautiful. Excited to see one in person. Good luck!

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Ive seen one where the guy makes a engine out of an old fridge compressor with some lexan, CA glue and a hammer. MacGyver skills.

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A forum exists to communicate between users.... It doesnt give a free pass to conjure up BS about shit you know nothing about because you want to be Nancy Drew. Because even when the source comes in and clears it up.... people still ask "was in talks ... more »