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Waited until it was time..... Damn it. I love this dude. Being a father seems like it is his most important job. Well done James.

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Et bien, ça craint.

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I bought a 2014 WR250R this year just to put on the front of my motorhome. I use it to go to the store and get beer when Im camping..... I should just get one of these new electric thingys to play with. I never ride the thing more than 10-15 miles to ... more »

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Is this really "little bits and pieces" Ping? haha

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dudes gawking at other dudes social media site is wack. Go outside.

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I got Malcom Smiths autograph at an AMA District 14 trophy banquet round 1988-89 and he was the most down to earth pro I ever got lucky enough to meet. He took prob 3-5 minutes and talked to me like he was just a mail man. Such a class act. Ill have ... more »

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I used to train for enduros when I was young all alone and it was stupid. I would run out and grab my stuff when it would rain and we all know how many of our friends want to go "trail riding" in the rain.... none. Years ago I was riding with a friend ... more »

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Love this book. MC is the GOAT to me too. I even went out and bought a 99 YZ250 brand new from a tractor store because of him. hahah. I lost so much money on that one. Here is another book for anyone looking for a great read that will make you a better ... more »

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Wow. I have never seen this. Cairoli just wouldnt give up. I dont watch much MXGP as I am a little busy lately but I think I am going to try and make some time.

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I wonder how much money they would have to give to get all the riders back? $5 million? 10?

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Really? I wonder why?

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The donut thing was wack.

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This guy? How soon people forget that he tried to injure someone.

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I remember the day I walked into the Pontiac Silver dome and heard that Whomp Whomp Whomp Whomp of Doug Henrys machine. I was a little guy and my dad looked at me and said "they wont last son". Boy was he wrong.

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Who? Why give these turds 10 seconds of coverage? I was so excited for mookies return but I just cant bring myself to cheer for these dinks.

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Damn my links from Gold Pass still signs in and works. Hmmmmnnn this MEC must be included in last years purchase? What a deal if so.

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Omg Im selling all my stuff cause "they" are not running it. What the hell is wrong with you guys? This new kit shit every week is getting old. I cant wait for a pro to wear some old jeans and a tshirt and then crush em.

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I cant even take this new HD the company serious anymore. I mean they are built on softgoods and not even motorcycles anymore and all of a sudden they are the new electric toy company? All I can imagine is a bunch of recently graduated hipsters sitting ... more »

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That shit is PURE snake Oil for moto.... But I do agree that my two 15 yr old Weiner dogs are only alive because of it. It does wonders for their nervous systems and hunger. Good for dogs but not going to help you huck that triple.

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Is Brian gonna be a playable character? I think he forgot to mention that he couldn’t thank Toyotescondido, but I like how the kid really speaks his mind, so I hope he does well this year.