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I just used slicknicks torrents. Stuff using VPNs to try force money down the throat of a company that's actively region blocked us. That coupled with the hassles some had with it. And even worse...paying for pirated content lol.

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The hotel quarantine "system" is a complete shit show I agree. It should have been used as an emergency stopgap 6 months at most until actual proper quarantine centers setup...yet here we are still using hotels in the CBDs. But international quarantine ... more »

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Oh so he shuts up now? I watched a handful of his earlier ones and the people he interviewed couldn't get a word in. If he's improved that then great, but if he still has to cup the balls and bro down with the people then still not for me. Would he gain ... more »

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If I could change anything it would be the moderation tools and more strict forum rules to get rid of the toxicity. This is one the most toxic forums I frequent and seems to the community almost to wear it like a badge of honor and claim "well there's ... more »

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Fellow Aussies do we have any choices outside of hoping for a youtube upload that will get taken down in a day? Someone take my money? Grow the sport?

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This will get a lot of justifiable thumbs downs...but I'd go as far as swapping Hunter with Jett. After his SX showing I've got this feeling that he might have a break out season if he keeps it upright.

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Well there you go I never knew that minor detail. Put's the "re-pass story" in a whole new light doesn't it. I always thought that was the moment the JS totally dominated Chad but now knowing this it makes the re-pass look totally lame.

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Wasn't the first and won't be the last.

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Jeez relax guy. Take a walk and get some fresh air.

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I don't usually rag on the commentary too much because I'm sure I couldn't do any better, but man Wil Christian's rant before Jett's pass for the lead was next level. Typing now I can't even remember what it was about...something about Justin Cooper ... more »

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Haha this is awesome totally gonna play. Can you please add "Position over condition" "We're gonna see what happens here" "Dont forget everybody...he's only %insert Jett Lawrence current age at the time%"

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Ryno reminds me of Nick Nolte's character out of that Eric Bana Hulk movie. Except Nick Nolte is acting....

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Jett's father Darren has stated he has no filter and some of the things he says makes him cringe. I'm putting it down to heat of the moment and MM is in Jett's head for whatever reason as Jett doesnt seem to have an issue with any other rider. Re: MM ... more »

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OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Take a look at the previous corner before the hand hand gesture from Jett. Jett leaned his bike very hard into the rut and positioned his weight as if to prepare for contact from Mossiman. Was if he was saying "was ready for you buddy"

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I think Feld are onto something. If promoting illegal riding endangering yourself and others around you with zero regard for anything but yourself will put more bums in seats, then maybe MotoGP could have a segment promoting Max Wrist....oh wait that ... more »

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And a few less early race mistakes. Some of his first few corners after the race start can be a bit messy. I think this is the year he's really needed though finally.

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Hunter was in the wrong in his crash. Wrong to trust a guy who's crashed his brains out all week to hold a straight line. How many more incidents for lay off the crackadoo this year? /thumbs down.

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With Hunter Lawrence's current results I have to agree with this thread. After changing his diet and putting on muscle (his words) he doesn't look like the crystal doll he was the last two seasons.

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I seriously needed to laugh that hard !!!! 10/10