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Just saw him and name rang a bell. Sure enough. Love the Vohland family.

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This is a fascinating and easy to digest read from Mises Institute. I highly recommend anyone into the Great War or even WW2 to read it. Really takes some interesting angles on our current state. There's no partisan-ism in it.

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List of Bikes and some Tracks I raced from 8 to 13. Vallejo PAL track (Got started here on a Redline and then a G-Boy. Pattersons and Andersons raced and practiced there a lot. DG were the shit--uniforms and bikes. Grass Valley (Borrowed Richie Anderson's ... more »

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I remember being at a track in Oregon and watching Josh clear this step-up triple that was only supposed to be a double on his ...YZ or KX80? Either the kid was racing the Pro's that day. He had serious talent. Bet he's happy he met J-Law.

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I forgot your name on here, but if you come back on here--I moved back to Dallas. Shoot me an email

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Had no idea the Suzuki / Kawasaki connect went back that far. I'd race it.

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Flu or Food Poisoning is an euphemism for "detox took longer than expected."

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I hope some of you fools took it pro as you can see from first time rides, some had serious skills.

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This made me laugh.

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I’m out of the loop on two smoke prices. But I’m looking to buy in August after I’ve moved. Just this a solid deal on an 06 RM250? Last RM250i owned was an 04 and I think I sold,it for $2K that Imatripped down and just sold with old stock ... more »

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Hallo Mate...hope you're well. Is this a PM?

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I think Stefan Everts is going to dominate it all when he finally gets his work Visa approved.

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First topic I read down here in 5 years? And it's a sad one. I know Jeffro is a man of wealth and taste, he's killed Czars and their Ministers, but then led innocents to waste. But I forgot his real name.

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Thought Greg sold real estate? Now he's a bike builder? Very nice looking ride.

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My first "real" job was with Case Capital for Case New Holland tractor dealerships. Without notice I'd show up at Case or New Holland dealerships to audit them for a few days. Never saw a nightmare like that one--but it's not hard to do with cooperation ... more »

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MXD--That was in the studio with Elan Truillo and there's one at a Halloween party that is considered his very last photo.

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Are you doing a census on food stamps, alcoholism, or divorce?

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Cleveland Browns showed why they’re possibly the worst run franchise…ever? I’m the biggest USC homer and picking Cody Kessley as high as they did was absurd. I don’t even think he would have been drafted. I’d Cody is as shocked as anyone.