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email...typical answer from a company that doesn't want to deal with you. Sad

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Driving up either Folk or Tercha Rd, you really cant get a good look into the valley were the track was. With foliage down this time of year you can a little visual. There are a couple farm access roads that lead to the valley. If your brave, you can ... more »

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Impressive how the tracks was still visible 15 years later. No doubt that place was poached for years by locals

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Does any team ever compare? So much talent and drive.

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Liles and Micky Kessler battle at the 1981 KROC 80cc race was epic. Classic photo finish.

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It's a decent choice for a smoker. Not as good performance wise as say C-12. I always could feel the throttle response was much better with C-12. Avgas is regulated so it's always consistent. Running it 50/50 will work fine.

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Mc hurt his ankle at Millville.

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Stefan Everts. King of GP MX, ISDE OA winner.

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Flipping through the newest MXA and saw it. Paul Dennis (1966-2019) apparent heart failure. Anyone know anything else? He was a mini hero...Real Deal!

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At least it’s not Facebook leaning in to make more people connected.

I guess Stefan sees the motorcycle business getting difficult as the new generations have little interest in 2 wheels. Emerging markets could be the way to go.
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Wet Energy, Gookinaid E.R.G, Pripps Plus

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I have a Keiser M3, it’s a great spin bike. The new M3i has wireless compatibility for use of the popular indoor cycling apps.

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Saw the feature on the AIM Day 3 video. Interesting idea...pros / cons?

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New price as well!

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Barry Carsten?

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It is both funny and logical. It makes sense

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Amen Newmann...Peace to Jim and his family

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Why hasn’t the Alta been tested at Glen Helen? Is it because the Alta’s know that the load from the GH elevation will destroy the battery time. This to me is why the Alta can not compete at Erzberg.

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TLR? Todd Lachance Racing is my guess. From FL I believe.