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I have a new KTM E-xc, a fun hybrid trials bike. I was greatly disappointed though in the overall battery experience. Trolling around the trails in economy mode is fine for some, but I rip it on elevated track and trail in aggressive mode which gives ... more »

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Why does this kid keep mangling his face?

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I will complain about it, but it will not change my riding habits. Current average in PA...Unleaded $3.79, Diesel $4.34, VP C12 $80/5 gal.

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study the good riders from elite to local fast guys. Copy them in body position and line choices.

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Taking my daughter back to college. Saw this in the lower east side of Manhattan.

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I had a mechanic that said...If you are gonna be dumb, you'd better be tough!

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Who was Doug Mello from the old JT Racing ads? Was he a company guy or racer?

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Where did the current winning celebration come from? Odd trend of fist pumping ala Jeff Ward 1990 Atlanta SX.

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Through my 40’s I ran a fall marathon every year for about 10 years. I was an intermediate level and follow 18 - 20 week training plans. Lots of miles and work. Every year except 1, I would get sick during the taper. A week or 2 out from the race. Maybe ... more »

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San Diego whoops were impressive. Such a difference in speed and ability to get through them. Is it factory level suspension, proper suspension set up, ability to train on real deal whoops, rider height or just talent?

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What was the question?

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Have you sold this one?

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76 Unadilla 500 National...Stackable wins 78 Unadilla 250GP...Tripes was on fire 1981 Southwick...Howerton's RM was amazing 1982 inaugural LL event. The first of many 1986 Unadilla 250GP...Hannah wins, Oshow runs out of gas 1987 MXdN...Unadilla mudder, ... more »

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... more »
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I had tickets, travel arrangements and hotel as well for 2. Covid said no...had to cancel, thankfully my wife and I are recovering well. A huge disappointment to miss out on the event.

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Peace Joe. Deepest condolences to his family. Brilliant and skilled in his craft and contributions. I will miss him.

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OK, I will add to the obsession. In order...all the bikes I have raced. Serious race years from 90-95 probably went through 3-4 bikes each year. Lucky to have been apart of the golden years of moto...70's & 80's! 1. 70 Indian MM5A 2. 74 Honda MR50 ... more »