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it's a bummer to not hear ping on pulp anymore. think he was better there than on his own show.

100% hate his politics, but really enjoyed hearing him talk moto (and politics—i like to get the perspective of those i don't agree with).

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I like both of these guys but how bout people just not effin talk about politics and do your damn job. Theres no upside to discussing politics in moto. Never going to make the other guy change. Personally I’m definitely politically aligned with one of these guys over the other but what’s the point of saying who? Ping puts out awesome...more

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Matthes must be living rent free in pings head.. On a real note has anything good come out of ping moving over to vital? The guy talked shit about us “vitards” for years on various videos and pods. Now he relies on us to click on his weekly segment to get a paycheck. I’d bet this is his most viewed only because he talks about PulpMX...more

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Perfect, thanks for this, saved me some $$.

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Was about to buy a trickle charger for the battery seeing as I havent ridden it in a long time, and still 2-3 weeks best case away from riding it again. Realised I have a RC battery charger, if the desrcitpion says this, I am assuming this will work ... more »

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Be great if they can make it work, live sport of any kind is welcome right now. Could be a good way to get exposure to people who would otherwise never change the channel over as well.

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Been thinking about ordering a tall guts racing seat with the wings on it. When you order the tall seat, does it come with the plastic seat mount, or do you need to install this onto your existing seat mount?

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What was the number thing?

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Any chance you can make the entire back catalogue available online like it used to be?

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Main reason is fun. Secondary I find it helps me commit to a healthy lifestyle as staying in shape and being fit means I can ride more laps and then that increases the main reason, fun.

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Wow, talk about getting blue balled, just as Webb gets onto the JH back wheel, the footage cuts out.

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Im always amazed that JT can talk for that long on his own, yet manages to keep it interesting enough that I still listen to it all. When i opened this I thought no way I'll make it through 1hr45 of one person talking, yet did it easy.

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Finally got a ride on my new to me 19. Very impressed, easily the best suspension I have ridden on, those square edge bumps are non existent now, braking bumps are (almost?) fun. Handling felt pretty much spot on as well, no RMZ on turn in, but does ... more »

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For anyone still thinking its all an over reaction, worth having a read through this, pretty bloody bleak, from someone on the front line of it in Italy.

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That gave me a chuckle on an otherwise pretty gloomy day

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Pretty sure that post was about this weekend being 100% cancelled after an earlier post hinting it was off.

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Lawsuit for what? Only possible outcomes: 1- No one wins a championship this year 2- Tomac keeps the title In either of those scenarios Ken can't win the title as he is second in points, so would be the biggest waste of time and look incerdibly petty. ... more »

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I signed up as well just before Daytona for the rest of the season, fantastic timing by me lol

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Anyone have the footage of the last lap 'pass' Vince put on Brayton? Listening to the pulp review, sounds like it was pretty questionable.

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If thats the case, how long before Kawi are on the blower to Bowers saying, remember when Barcia broke your leg at the monster cup? Here's some money and a factory bike, go pay him back.