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I'm sorry but if someone drives their bike into the side of you at a 90 degree angle thats not leaving the door open. Thats just straight up dirty racing. Mookie took the furthest inside rut he could. You guys are acting like he was at the top of the ... more »

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I mean, the Duc has a 10+ km/h top speed advantage at most tracks. Quarataro's incredible entry/mid corner speed is so often negated by the Yamaha's lack of acceleration its brutal. Guy just watches Miller, Bagnaia and Bastianini simply drive away from ... more »

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Last season Yamaha finally got their tire life issues figured out, although for some reason Rossi couldn’t get through a race on a rear tire. The Yamaha has great mid corner speed like the Suzuki, but it’s missing a ton of speed top to bottom. There’s ... more »

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Gotta think that’s Jorge Martin’s seat unless something goes seriously sideways

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Good ride and Yamaha don't belong in the same sentence. Fabio Quatararo is a miracle worker. The Yamaha is a turd this year. Ducati, Aprillia and Suzuki seem to have the best bikes at the moment. KTM took a step back, Honda has big problems with front ... more »

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I thought the hip jump into the sand was pretty sweet, and it pushed out the East Coast series championship another week.

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Looks like the new MX line is dropping May 10th

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Man that Moto2 race was bananas, kind of BS that they kept the 5 minute rule there, I guess they have to to avoid looking like F1 did last year. Congrats to Joe though! To finish first you must first finish, credit to him for keeping it on 2 wheels. ... more »

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LOL Mookie fined for rocking one before the race.

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Countries with the Highest Total Gun Deaths (all causes) in 2019 Brazil (49436) United States (37038) Venezuela (28515) Mexico (22116) India (14710) Colombia (13169) Philippines (9267) Guatemala (5980) Uh oh, you guys have fallen to second place, better ... more »

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So happy for Aleix, guy deserves every bit of it. Overshadowed by his win though is the ride Marco Bezzecchi put in. 17th to 9th in dry conditions on a year old bike is incredible for a rookie.

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It costs ridiculous money to race quads. Especially if you wanted to do it right. You can buy a stock 450 dirt bike at a dealer for 10-11k and have a bike capable of racing a national. You get a 450 race quad off the showroom floor and you've barely ... more »

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Repsol Honda was pissed about the tire allocation for Indonesia. They did well at the test with the tires there, then Michelin got worried about the track temp and brought a compound they hadn't used in 4 years. Apparently the new Honda wasn't designed ... more »

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From what I've heard his sponsors for next week will include Jergens and Kleenex

Started new thread OF Girl sponsoring Karnow 3/18/2022 8:09 PM

Is it safe to say Karnow has the sexiest bike in the pits now?

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I heard the dub was really bad, apparently they've fixed it now.

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Webb, Anderson, Sexton and Ferrandis all injured tonight. Who knows how long they’ll be out of the mix. I know Roczen has health issues he’s dealing with but that crowd at the front got seriously thinned out tonight. Have to think he might have a wee ... more »

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Anyone have a pic of Jerry's bike/gear for this weekend? I can only find the bike so far on SKDA's insta. Looking for the gear but Canvas hasn't posted anything.

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You really don’t get it man. You don’t live in Canada. We don’t care at all what Portland is like. As for the freedom thing, you can stamp freedom on anything you want as a mantra. Why wear seat belts? Why do we need signs to tell us when to stop our ... more »

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AIDS? Sterility? Holy fuck buddy what kool aid have you been drinking? There are rare cases of myocarditis associated with the vaccine yes, but the risk of it is much higher in COVID infections than vaccinations. The other stuff is complete bullshit. ... more »