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Holy fuck!

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Just read that he’s got Parkinson’s disease. Would not wish that on my worst enemy, hope he handles it well.🙏🙏

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Don't forget about Loretta's. Another money racket. I will not argue that Loretta Lynns is an amazing event and it does showcase the best amateur talent but the cost is over the top. It's all about the promoters because it's setup so the riders need them. Until there is a union to protect the interests of the riders nothing will...more

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I know people that do not understand business or have never actually raced will thumbs down this... Who cares about them.
MX sports Charges $100K + (even during the CCP virus) They also want to only sell there merch and want a peace of tickets and alcohol sales, DC is a millionaire and only started Racer X to argue back at the MXA...more

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Who down votes this?🤦‍♂️

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Didn’t RV not have anything to do with his dad for a number of years because of the yelling and pressure?

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What colour is the final coat going to be? 2 coats of quality paint will cover what’s left of the green. As for pin holes etc, less is better when you are covering them, less to sand smooth and always prime where you mud/sand.

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I agree, Gary Nixon.

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That was great!

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Our conservative government at the time did that as well, shut down all the mental health institutions and put them on the streets. Now cops spend more time dealing with the mentality challenged then actual policing, but hey look how they balanced the ... more »

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Is this post about Vialle?

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That was a great read

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How many of you guys have been shot while putting out a fire? You’re doing this on your own?

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What he says

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Did I read that right? 250000 cases from it and it will cost 12 billion for the health care?

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The last question isn't just specific to moto, it's an American problem. Richest country on Earth, yet we're willing to bankrupt people over an injury or accident, or disease through no fault of their own. The U.S. is the only rich nation which has a for-profit health care system. Until that changes, GoFundMe's and Ride2Recovery is...more

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Have you heard that guy who finished 2nd in the east podium speech’s?