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the #4 was held for three years

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not my cup of tea for gear, but this picture on their site is wild

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I believe full runs are shown at a later date. Weird to show the winner with only highlights, I’d prefer this 3rd episode be exactly what it was with no winners announced Show full runs and the winner on episode 4

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Another vote for Crested Butte, i've been going on an annual trip the last few years with my family, and the riding is just epic, the views are incredible

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that number is a bit of a stretch, over 20 people have done the QP in X Games competitions on US soil alone Colby Raha Axell Hodges Tyler Bereman Kohl Denney Jarryd McNeil Tom Parsons Corey Creed Elijah Aldoff Josh Hill Kris Foster Brian McCarty Tom ... more »

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the guy made a team based on his number, I don't think ANY elite pro has cared more about their brand more than Chad

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They did it, they found a way to disappoint 10 releases in a row

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AJ has had 5 top tens, in his entire career, which all happened 7+ years ago. Do you really think that if he trained his ass off, and got a PC ride, he would be back to the top 10?

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How much have you spent on speeding fines when you weren’t speeding?

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The pulp link is cool If there were a Combined champion Marvin, Andrew Short, and Tim Ferry would all have premier class championship RV/RD who was better? Dungey already has one more title than RV, add in a combined championship and RD has 3 more championships ... more »

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"rider can build a brand around it" Honest question, but what riders have a brand. Sure we hear ET3 all the time, but does he have a merch store? Does your brand (ET3) work if you don't advertise where to buy your merch? Is the 3 necessary, would the ... more »

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In my experience, selling 1, 2, 3, or more bikes to the same person doesn't change the price, even with the pre-covid market. And as Robbi said, when sidexsides and touring bike are 20K-45K, it makes the buying 2 bikes for 18K at the same time less impressive ... more »

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id assume he didnt have any gear deals at the time of the x-games, so he wore gear that he liked, and covered the logos with another sponsors logo, so the gear company would not receive free advertising.

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To keep from doing a massive Ronnie Mac-style air wheelie

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Thor had a major slump, but theyre looking better This stuff is awful

And this gear is really nice except for the garbage logo, not sure why they did that ... more »
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The sideways 199 was when he was with Thor

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looks like you're done spelling too

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throw some monster claws on the number plate and were good to go
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this article is one of the greats

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Heads up on this. If youre looking for your own comps, review the comps they used. Dont waste time sending them vehicles out of their search radius or different configurations than they are currently using