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A few years ago I had this 98' KX 125 it had a pc pipe and silencer with a ported head and did just fine for a guy just looking to have fun! 6'0 287 Lbs One sidenote, you have to be on the pipe early early early when going up anything steep, they fall

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I had herniated L4, L5, S1 which caused pain for years. Then earlier this year it started hurting more and causing numb and tingling feelings in the back of my leg and foot. After MRI they said I needed a microdiscectomy and I was against it at first ... more »

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This was the last race I seen him at. If I would have known that fact at the time, I would have taken more pics for the memories! Instead my phone was in my pocket and I was just soaking it in. Badass main event

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If you have anyone in your family thats presently or retired military of ANY branch i highly recommend NFCU Navy Federal Credit Union (never a bad experience)

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Yes 46 more mins now. 12pm pst, 1pm mst, 2pm cst, and 3pm est

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Does anyone in here with a 3d printer want to help me make an obsolete choke lever? I need one printed up as they are discontinued everywhere I know to look.

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I miss those late race charges back when he rode 250s and El Chupacabra would show up.

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This my entire life. Leaving it in gear would have the same feeling as watching SX without whoops, it just ain't right!

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Not to highjack the thread (dont see a need to start my own thread) but ive got 2 tickets for sale in the same area. Injured recently and cant go. Pm me if interested Seats 4 and 5 row 39 section N20

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This X2, and the gear back then. I miss it alot

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All these pics are so badass! Keep it up fellas, I was at Daytona in 12' when James ran 259 for practice. Dungey missed that round with a collarbone injury if memory serves and the highlight for me was watching this beautiful lady scream and go crazy ... more »

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You guys might just be on to something here! Ive read your replies to the wife and she likes it, just mentioned that moto is pretty well dead here though but we could offer this same service for all motorsports bikes, quads, sxs, snowmobiles etc. I like ... more »

Started new thread MX related - Supply and demand 2/28/2021 5:47 PM

I'm curious what everyone thinks the sport needs more of? My wife and I are wanting to start our own business and ideally we are seeking something moto related. Do we need more suspension shops, motor builders, mechanics, graphics shops, etc. I personally ... more »

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Never rode a CR500, owned a KX500 once and that thing was a nostalgic blast from the past and it scared me to death, wore me out, vibrated like crazy and sounded amazing...loved every minute of it!

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This is cool because it's moto related but also hits way to close to home for me personally. Hoping to get some much needed help later this month with either some counseling or medicine. Either way, something has to change. If I buy one more dirtbike ... more »

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Kyle Glassman - $437.28

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I always pulled for Ben Lamay, hoped he'd always get to that next level

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A1 press day he was tripling on to a table then wheelieing off of that to the next jump, crazy how these guys have that much balance and throttle control. Is this what your reffering to?

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Truthfully the uncorked 600 still walks the 400 especially on the big end but the 440 is a nice bike. The 440 has alot crisper response and is much more nimble on the trails IMO but the 600 will eat the 440 up in a flat out race in a straight line. The ... more »

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Yes sir I did the 440 kit, stage 1 hotcam and fmf exhaust with a pumper carb and its one of the best bikes ive ever ridden or owned!