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I would not, but I'm old school. I love the noise. It's part of the experience

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I was there and the crowd went nuts. Everyone likes a little drama.

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I don't disagree with her assessment. I think a big set of whoops is an important part of American SX and I'm surprised at all the hate they have been getting lately. They separate the men from the boys!

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Keep everything clean and organized

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He should be! I'm sure everyone wishes they could leave the track and go around the whoops every now and then.

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Tibial plateau fracture at 29 did it for me. I was already limping around from a tibial spine fracture 11 years earlier, now my good leg was trashed. Just isn't worth it anymore. I still ride for fun

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I believe he can still make a main event but would throw out anchor soon after. Especially if he had to race a qualifier and LCQ. The guy is still fast!

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Awesome. Thanks for the help!

Started new thread Galfer superlight front rotor 1/19/2022 1:50 PM

I have a Galfer Superlight Tsunami oversized front rotor kit on my 2013 rmz450. The other day I noticed some "slop" in the rivets of the two piece front rotor. I've never noticed it before and just want to make sure its not something to be concerned ... more »

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Tate will be a better man from it. Tough love is something far to many kids are sheltered from these days. I wonder how he crashed? They never explained why it was so dumb.

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My first neighborhood had a small wooded area with some trails and a small bmx track with some jumps. There was also a big floodwall close by where the "big kids" would ride dirt bikes. When I was 12 we moved further out into the country and several ... more »

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Personally, I would go to Tennessee or Florida. Kentucky is not bad if you stay out of Louisville.

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Kenworthy's 1998. It was 100 degrees in the shade. Jeff Emig smoked everybody, both motos, in black gear. Carmichael swept both motos in the 125's. I miss that track!

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I remember seeing a video of him in the hills on a turn track. Twitch and several others were watching him blast the turns in awe. Someone was making a "bow down" motion

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Chad looks pretty good for a retired moto dad. He's pretty gassed at the end, understandably. Sucks for Febvre and Sipes. Hopefully nothing serious

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Agree with OP, I liked time behind the leader better but either is fine.

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I had a Tibial spine fracture in 1998 then a Tibial plateau fracture in the other leg in 2009. I'm 40 now and my knee's hurt all the time. I would've rather had a femur I think..

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Not really a JA21 fan but he showed some class in his podium interview. Nice ride