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Right! as long as you have the eject device in the helmet otherwise the only thing they care about is if you have the right AMA logo on the jersey! Haha It’s crazy that we go to “tech” without the bike 😂 Before 2020 I feel like they were checking out ... more »

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Hutten metal doesn’t provide fuel for their riders?

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Mcnabb? That’s what people been talking about.

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I didn’t buy the bike, it’s an idea I had if I was buying a YZ250. I’m sure you can find someone in the UK to do that trade! You don’t gel with the ergonomics of the Fantic or you’re just looking for something different?

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Did he jump the leap? If there is any 2 strokes capable of jumping it it’s the Fantic, their tuner makes some fast bikes.

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Wow such great attention to details. Even better that it’s the real race bike! Is it Baker that was doing HoT’s engine in 93 or he came around a little later?

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Floride Moto is the dealership of Jean Jaques Luiseti the owner of CLS which was the team’s name.

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Post some pictures of the event and as usual some GoPros!

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Such a great base for a build! Looks like it could have less than 20h

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The “bar” is Cole Barbieri’s dad. Cole was racing for the amateur team in their earlier years but now he just work for his dad’s trucking business.

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You’re better being 12th in the US than in the GP’s. I’m

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Could you post the full results? I know last year it had some good privateers! Good luck to Lars for the main!

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Zach raced GP’s for a couple years. EMX125 on Yamaha, EMX250 for Factory Suzuki with Everts, then 114 Honda in MX2. Then he raced his own Honda 450 in the French championship and a couple GP’s last year and decided to switch to enduro this year with ... more »

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How old is Pancar? He’s been on 250F for a while now.

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And Nagl is turning 35 this week still dominating the ADAC.

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Osborne fit would obviously beat Wright but he doesn’t seem in shape for 30min motos. At the 2 stroke national earlier this year he dropped pretty far back to a 9-9 after holeshoting the 2nd moto if I remember. He has nothing to prove and no big bonus ... more »

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He’s been injured a lot all these years so it slowed down his progress tremendously even though he rips. I talked to his dad and Jeremy briefly in 2020 I think it was the Wednesday at Elsinore before his first outdoor race he did at Pala. Seemed like ... more »

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Since you’re in Europe why don’t you buy DocWob Superlite titanium kit? Many GP teams uses it. It doesn’t include axles but I think you can order them separately.

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I remember when you had my buddy Aaron Pipon back in 2015! He could go pretty fast but ate the ground too much.

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It’s 300 euros. That’s why you see many more riders entering. Until about 2015/2016 you could only pay entries cash, no card payment.