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You're mistaken, that's Levi Sherwood from NZ. Greg is still one talented mofo though

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Was over in California for a riding trip (I'm from Australia), had been there for a few weeks now and was feeling comfortable on a crf250 I was borrowing. Riding Elisnore one day and they had this big step up triple into a huge landing, from the downside ... more »

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Hell yeah! Looks unreal. I just picked up my 2018 250sx after selling my crf450 too. good taste

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I know what you mean, the bike really easily pulls 3rd out of some of the tighter corners. Only thing I did find lacking was top end but that was because I'm so used to the 450 power and my 18 cry had plenty of mid-top. If you're looking for a fun and ... more »

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Yeah mate do it! Best purchase I've made in a long time. The track is called Larbert MX, located in Braidwood NSW. It's a really good track, probably my favourite. We have had bugger all rain as you know so its been sup-par lately as its a sand track. ... more »

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After being on multiple different 450s over the last 7-8 years, from Honda to Suzuki to Ktm and back to Honda again. I felt something was missing.. the fun of riding and racing wasn't the same. So I went out and got myself a 2018 KTM 250sx

... more »

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Not sure if i missed something, but where are people getting that Ryan will retire before the MX season?? I really hope not!

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Love the look of this! I think the red seat cover looks best. Also really like how the graphic wraps over that (shitty) plastic on the fuel tank. Surely you can just put some washers/spacers in place of it and take it off? What you have done looks much ... more »

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Damn Justin that looks so nice!! love the wheels. Ill probably skip Appin too and go to ranch on Sunday, keen?

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Im super keen on getting a 2017 crf450, although supply is very scarce down here in Australia. After spinning a few laps on one the other week I know for sure that this is the bike I want to race this season. This will be my second year competing in ... more »

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If you head up north just past Newcastle, Raymond terrace is usually pretty good. Lakes has a 2 day race event on this coming weekend, thats a sick track to race on. Or if you wanna head south best bet is Mt. Kembla in wollongong, Appin is never groomed ... more »

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that colour way is so sick

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Hey, I recently bought a 2011 RMZ450 second hand, the previous owner was about 15kg + lighter than me but ran stock springs. Im 85kg without gear on and im pretty sure i will have to move up from 0.48 to at least a 0.49 in the front end. Anyway, i cant ... more »

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hell yeh this new track looks like fun!

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So i just concluded my vacation to the united states, back home in australia now.. While i was over there i did some riding and i couldnt help but smell the awesome scent of race gas in the air every time i went to the track. Now back here im not sure ... more »

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Hey All, So I'm borrowing a buddys bike at the moment I've been fixing it up because he doesn't do any work on it at all. Just put a new rear tyre on it, new oil and filters, grips etc just making it a bit nicer to ride. The jetting seems a little off, ... more »

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So I've been traveling around North America for a little while and now Im staying in southern california i finally got a chance to go riding again, so here is a little go pro footage from yesterday at Elsinore. This is on a stock 04' crf250 with an old ... more »

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so ive got my tickets all sorted, cant wait! camping for 3 nights in lot b it should be a fun time and i cant wait for the racing

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Please stay safe james! These photos remind me of the kx days! Cant wait for the outdoor season to start

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Is driving from LA really that bad? we were hoping to leave on the 2nd and arrive on the 6th. ive never been to america but it says its about 1,800 miles.. i think that is do-able in 4 days? correct me if im wrong and making an idiot of myself haha.