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The Yama-zuki
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I would love to find a set as well, working on an 90 RM-80 build and these would be sweet! Let me know if you come across a few unicorns.

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Congrats on that, what a sweet find!

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Very nice work, super crisp and clean images!

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1989 Kawasaki KX 250 Carmichael replica
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Welcome to the RM Army and enjoy that sweet yellow ride!

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PM sent

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2003 Honda CR250R
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Awesome and congrats. Have fun on that sweet machine and provide an update after you pick her up and get some riding time in.

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1994 'Doug Henry' Honda CR125
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1997 TM 250 Cross
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1994 Honda CR250
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Tony or Pasha as I know him is truly one of the great guys in this sport and has really put a ton of work and money into the sport and especially all of the Pasha 125 events. I have been buddies with Pasha dating back to the early 90’s and LACR heydays

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If the included info hadn’t stated this was a conversion it could be mistaken for a new bike directly from the manufacturer! Great looking bike with impeccable attention to detail on the conversion work and the graphic kit etc! TWO thumbs up!

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The sights and sounds of Heaven. Red Buuiud + 2-Stroke = some heavenly laps!

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Chance rode phenomenal as was impressive in person, ripped a great start and pulled a large gap (18+ seconds) within a few laps on one hell of a course that had a bit of everything. He looked awesome and held onto the lead for 68+ minutes of the 90+ ... more »

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PM sent for a few of your parts

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1994 CR250 Honda of Troy Replica (@moto_envy)
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2007 rm125