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Magoofan, I guess we both thought this was a boxing related injury...

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Thanks guys. Eric, it's a blast for sure! Looks like your buddy's Kawi is pretty clean and lots of fun too! I just got a couple of things I needed to build a custom shock body along with a titanium 5.5kg/mm spring. Next step is to start making a 3D model ... more »

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I took a break from homework to scroll through your build. Nice work! I didn't read every word, so I'm not sure if you addressed this, but I thought I'd point out that the late model YZ250F and YZ450F forks are about 10mm longer than the most common ... more »

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Thanks! Powder is my preference for sure. The RAL 5005 looks very close to the OEM 1990 KX500 spring I have sitting on the bench on both of my computer monitors. I'll give that color a try.

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Do any of you guys have the RAL color code or a very close match for the blue Kawasaki used in the early 1990s on springs and seats and whatnot? I bought a new spring for my 1990 KX and I'd like to find some powder or paint in the old Kawasaki blue they ... more »

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You would have to know some of the electrical values from your RM and the same from some other bikes. If I were in your shoes, I would look toward the YZ250 because the RM engine is very similar, or maybe the KX. You need to know the output voltage range ... more »

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I have had the ODI's on my YZ125, YZ250 and on my KX500 with a YZ throttle... The two YZ's have been trouble free since 2019 when I switched to ODI grips. The KX has a few motos on it with zero problems. When the throttle is closed, there isn't room ... more »

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The number 27 on your 1998 made me smile. This was maybe 1998 or 1999 at a dune spot we used to ride once a year. Is that 1998 engine as fast from mid to top rpm as I remember?

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They have kits with the replacement parts. Also, I think the older stuff used bronze (Apparently they're Teflon now).

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Ping, it's nice to see that you were gracious enough to loan RV part of your old mustache.

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Whatever you use, test the new glue on the old foam. I am actually in the same boat... Doing a tall foam on my KX build... I was going to ask Guts since they made the foam.

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The latest model four stroke forks are about 10mm longer, but the banjo fittings are all the same.

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Arc Levers.. Buy their complete perch and lever. It's a superior design. He uses a pair of replaceable bronze bearings in the perch. Those bearings are spread out farther apart than the single bronze bearing in an OEM lever or the single roller bearing ... more »

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That second one you have pictured looks like the 17mm standard cup designed for the light coil spring. It's the OEM KYB/YZ part from 2006 - 2021 and is in the photo above with my calipers measuring the spring. As far as I know KYB does not offer a conversion

... more »
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The top ends and gaskets are 100% compatible with slightly different porting and combustion chamber volumes through the years. 1999 - 2002 was the first version of that cylinder and I believe the combustion chamber volume was reduce. 2003 - 2010 minor ... more »

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Thanks for the offer, but I'm all the way over in western Washington. Having the equations and theory in your head is only half of what you need to be a great engineer in my opinion. I got into engineering for the same reasons you did. Regarding the ... more »

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I should have mentioned that I am limiting the travel of the leaf-spring to about half of a millimeter. That works really well for my riding style in motocross. I check that leaf-spring travel measurement using a feeler gauge set. I slide them between ... more »

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Thanks. What's your skill level and weight? You could be on the right track. I weigh around 160lbs am pretty competitive in 40A and a mid pack guy in 30A at the bigger events on my 250. I'm on 0.47kg/mm fork springs and a 2009 YZ250F swing arm with a ... more »

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Thanks! I'm age 41 and still trying to learn every day. The college thing feels like a questionable use of my time at this age. I could be using those long days of studying to grow my business. Hopefully when I'm done in the spring it will all feel worth ... more »

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A standard mid-valve in a standard fork (Showa twin-chamber or KYB AOSS or SSS) has a stack of shims below the mid valve piston for compression at mid and high stroke speeds. There's a small cup with a small spring beneath it. That spring has a lower

... more »