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Actually I just re-watched the '97 Vegas Supercross tonight. If there is a single race that proves your comment, that's the one. Mike was never the fastest indoor guy and he's got to be around age 30 now. Great starts and being in or near the top ten ... more »

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Was there a Ping thing too? It reminds me of this one:

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When I had a YZ450, I had the PC exhaust on it. They included a spark-arrestor insert (a cone made out of wire-mesh screen). That little insert made the bike much more pleasant on the ears, plus it actually helped the power delivery at initial crack ... more »

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It's on NBC Sports Gold package for sure:

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Just a thought: For the price of a re-valve, you can probably find a set of good-used spring forks and get them serviced.

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You took the words right out of my mouth. I read the first post, logged into my account and I had already turned off the auto-renew when I bought it in January. Just in case they decide to get sleazy, I deleted my credit card info from the account too. ... more »

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You'll pay about $230 to have PowerSeal re-plate it and ship it back to you (I've had multiple jugs done over the years, including some YZ250s). They list their price at $199 to strip/plate/hone: Welding repairs are ... more »

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It's going to be really hard to go wrong with a 2007 YZ250. Parts are everywhere and Yamaha still makes essentially the same bike using essentially the same parts. Out here in the northwest, asking price for any YZ250 with an aluminum frame is around ... more »

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I would agree with that 100% and point out that there's a difference between a partial fracture and a complete fracture. I had a doc tell me my collarbone was not fractured a few years ago. He didn't want to do the x-ray image. I persisted. He groped

... more »
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Astroturfing? If it was a PC phone case, Mitch would use real sod for sure.

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Ok, that makes more sense when I re-read your other post. I can't imagine not covering the controls, but I can understand how a lot of guys aren't comfortable braking down the backsides of jumps. I still remember the first time I figured it out. I was ... more »

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I think they are supposed to heal in six to ten weeks if everything goes perfectly. I broke at least one on July 25th at the local spot. It was clicking and crunching and broken for sure. I couldn't lay on either side to sleep without it shifting and ... more »

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I cover mine pretty often and land with it on when it's a benefit to brake down the backside of a landing. You really have to be comfortable with the modulation and setup of your front brake, fork setup and tire pressure to get away with it consistently.

... more »
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The closest scenario in my memory is the Montreal Supercross this year. In Montreal they had a lane in each direction, then crossed back through the first turn... I tried to find some footage, all I could find with the start are the quads racing it.

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A JGR mechanic, a new brand (not Suzuki)... Wouldn't that also leave the possibility that JGR is exploring other brands than Suzi? If they were to find some funding from another title sponsor, they can run any brand they want. They have been (in the ... more »

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I'd love to see a Kenny or Hanson lap time compared to a Bowers or TP199 lap time. Are there lap times posted somewhere?

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This is a highly detailed replica. Click the link and check out some of the close-up photos and info.

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You are so right on the money with that comment. Chassis geometry was pretty well figured out by the mid 1990's. Suspension by the mid 2000's. The past three to five years have seen the perfection of the 450F engine (especially a reduction in engine ... more »

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You won't miss that Husky. I've ridden the Husky with cone valve back to back with a bone stock KX450 (black coupler) and thought the Kawi was a superior bike. Get some springs and a set of ARC levers on the green bike and have a happy life.

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When they brought out that lumberjack, I turned to my buddy and said: "Now we know where they got the new sound technology". It sounded to us like they mic'd up that timbersport guy and had him cut up a cord of wood in the parking lot. The racing was ... more »