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Dirt trackers crash pretty hard too.

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Let's see the rotary valve Yamadog.

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Gary Stolzenburg ,the S of F&S , just recently passed away. He helped so many racers of many disciplines. Godspeed Gary.

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Not sure about all of the PVL's, but before the advent of those remote electric starters used in flat track today, you had better be able to push an XR750 in a run at least 10 MPH to bump start it, or they would not start with a PVL much below that. ... more »

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How does the shift drum / cam look ? All the channels still nice and defined, with no dingers ?

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Had an OEM Yamaha ignition side main bearing break the separator cage. All the balls rolled together, basically lost timing when that happened. The bearing used a plastic material for the cage. Got about 10 races out of it from new. Had another OEM set ... more »

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Where has Scooter5002 been ? His thread was gold on that one.

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Full juice, bruh...

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Breather hose / crank vent popped off the fitting on the cases? They blow some oil through that hose.

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Ran more than one "cheater " engine in AHRMA dirt track back in the early- mid 90's. Only took them until 1999 to catch on .

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Tools and a bike stand.

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Sten's words flowed freely ,were on topic, and concise. No straying off what was happening at the moment. He and Danica could be a great announcing team.

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Great era, great bikes. From '72 up through say, 85, when the next year model was released, just thought there could never be anything better than the last one. Some many big steps in MX development.

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Have the painter "cook" the frame before painting. I chemically stripped a frame. It had dried for a few weeks before powder coating. When they baked the frame after coating, little brown streaks ruined the process on things. Any trapped chemical could ... more »

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Looked like a little can to superman at the end.

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core, bruh...

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After 11 years of MX racing , thought those days were over in 1987. Showed up to a local short track race one night in 1991, and a guy offered his bike to me for the night. That snagged me into flat track for quite a few more years, as my left knee was ... more »

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Went for the first RH break, that was it. Just kept the gear in my drawer. Recall one day towing a friend on a plastic Big Wheel behind my old 125 Yamaha. Felt the rope get slack over a small bump, looked back to the coolest Big Wheel cross up in history. ... more »