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We rode Field of Dreams the day after Xmas in '21. Rode some dope NJ pine barren woods loops in February also Diamond MX in Wareham MA formerly Wareham MX is open as much as possible in winter. its nice to do the 8 hours round trip for 1.5 hours of track ... more »

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What does it do better than the 250x ? What does it do worse than the 250x ? I'm considering the fx but not in a rush.

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Woods Weapon
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The Gtr complex in Gaston , SC is dope. They have many tracks and woods loops. You could spend 2 days there easily.

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Make a figure eight rut track. Ride. Repeat.

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fox launch knee shin pads these are the best DH shin pads I have used ever. they last and have excellent coverage. Easily slip into top of the boots did that my first season riding mx

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Thought I saw some Sand Box footage ! They are on the J Day offroad schedule for October if when this ends... Place is a ton of fun

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learning the 2 stroke and ripping j days

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thats the one thanks a ton!

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looking a upgrading my throttle tube... can anyone recall the company from massachusetts that produces these and was promoted at J Day Offroad events. there was a thread back in the fall that discussed pros and cons of different styles. yes i searched ... more »

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I find that if that set of lenses is older or worn out it will occur @ higher frequency

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Missy the Missle ! So rad growing up watching her crush it against ACC. DH and MX needs more characters! Who else raced NORBAs at Mt Snow ? Best DH track so nasty!

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shredded sand whup track and woods loops for some good throttle time post work till it got dark

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J day are a ton of fun the Southwick event this coming week end is gonna be dope !

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i'm experiencing the inverse situation. Raced and rode xc and dh mtb since high school. got a moto 3 seasons ago to train for mtb racing. now all i want to do i ride mx. j day events are rad and so are straight mx races. i like the head to head vs racing ... more »

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yo ill take that seat cover !

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I found that the Emig Lock on were fatter than I needed. The PT Cushions increased arm pump dramatically. Renthals Soft are decent. I'd like to keep grip diameter the same on my mx and mtb but that is another story.

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Jolly Roger now NHMX is closest real track lots of elevation Winchester Speed Park fl Rider HIll in Derby VT got alot better this year with prep and attendance but nothing like NESC events CTMX outside Hartford CT MX 23 in northfield mass is a rad spot ... more »

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I did a little east coast winter tour like that about a month ago wareham mx on cape cod, then mtb in nj followed by nj sandpits. Then to Budds Creek followed by North Carolina MX Henderson NC. Wareham all sand. Budds was huge in proportions. NCMX was ... more »