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I know that this might sound crazy but Gary Semics workouts in his mx fitness and nutrition book are pretty darn good. Light weight, high reps, and little rest times. There is like 3 or 4 different ones. DM me and I could send you pics of the workouts ... more »

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I see a guys all of the time that consistently ride with A guys and never get faster. The mental aspect of it is pretty insane. Also seat time plays a huge roll. I was next to pretty much the fastest +30 guy in the state in staging last year and he had ... more »

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I get it. I would do the same thing since it is an option. I'm not asking why y'all race them , I am asking why are the classes even offered at the event that is essentially designed for kids with a dream of going pro. Trust me if we go to a race that ... more »

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Ok before everyone snipes me with their 50cal keyboards. I am a 33yr old VET A guy. That being said I probably have an unpopular opinion here. What is the purpose of having VET classes at these big AMATEUR nationals? I just feel like these events like ... more »

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I am a big fan of TDags but to me it looks like they bought designs from SEVEN and printed the Callus name on it . Not bashing it one bit because I am sure its different but just seems super similar. Gear would be a tough thing to design imo trying to ... more »

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I am currently working with a kid who is on a 65 but has an 85 as well. While coaching him the other day I got on his 85 to show him some stuff and it felt awkward as hell. Handling was super twitchy. I wasn't trying to clear any jumps but when I would ... more »

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This film was great to watch. We need more of the "Skate Video" style of MX videos . Very Well done!!

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Can we all just admit we are banking on Marx's randomizer to pick us for a free bike. Does anyone else feel like the handicaps are a little lacking or is it just me ?

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I think I am more interested in landing that triple into the sand. Might make some action

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Congrats on the bike, but your ass will be doing every pinterest project that pops up for the next 5 years.

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I had Moranz and Sexton. When Kevin pulled the holey in the LCQ I was pumped then it was just an emotional rollercoaster from there. I hope Chase is alright.

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This pic is Rad . So is Ken training in Cortez these days?

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Vietnam Vic may be the best story of the last year imo. I was laughin hard.

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Supposedly a different STAR employee doesn't care for Steve and set the whole thing up without Wilbur knowing. IMO SML should have respectfully declined or brought keefer out with an SML sublimated jersey on.

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Hell yeah. Seriously the only place I will go from now on. Everywhere in Illinois wants to take your house in extra fees. Larsons gave me a killer deal and shipped it to my buddies diesel shop in one day. Cant ask for better service.

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Bought my wife a Canon Rebel and her moto pics are pretty damn good for her just snapping photos and not really focusing on the perfect picture.

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When I bought mine a couple weeks ago the Sales girl at Larsons Cycle in Cambridge Minn. said she had sold 4 other bike at the same time she was working on my paperwork. I'd say the sport is starting to boom again. There has been about double the people ... more »

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2020 Husqvarna FC450
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So just from the break-in session. My initial thoughts are : 1. Very nimble feeling. 2. 2nd gear pulls forever 3. Power delivery is smooth as silk. 4. Stock pro tapers are for a Harley Davidson I am pretty sure. Very wide for a short fella. ... more »