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Does anyone know the meaning behind this? Strange caption, wonder if it means he's done racing?

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Team Thailand, nothing too flashy. It's great to see my mates going to the MXoN and hope they will enjoy the experience! It's not them wearing the jerseys actually, they are experiencing a few visa issues, I hope it gets sorted out in time.

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it's up now, they look like shite if you ask me. This is their top model:

250W is pointless too. A guy at my office mounted a 2kw motor in the wheel and it looks much better, it's basically just an engine mounted in the front wheel and a lithium ... more »
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wasn't expecting that lol

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Already posted in the guy that bought a YZF yesterday and was asking for plastic kits: Rtech is great quality, mine is flashy but they have blue plastics too:

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Haven't seen any threads about this yet, noticed Webb posted on his instagram that he will be racing the new 18 yzf at the us mxgp, will interesting to see how he does on it.

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SG12, best boots I've ever worn. Had Sidi before, feel much more safer in the gaerne

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@ML512: Anything about a new YZ250F or is it just the 450 that gets the update?

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Blake is so real and down-to-earth, he just got a new fan! Loved the video, what a cool guy

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Not really related but as info it's GP of Indonesia, not Thailand

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got the blue answer special edition ones and they are the best boots I've ever owned

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I think it was meant as a joke... For the size it's very brand specific, Fox I usually go +1-2 on jeans size and TLD I go -2 at least. Jersey I go with Medium as I don't like them floating around but am not a big guy, 70kg for 1m78. As someone posted ... more »

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Looks sweet, wish I could try one of those KTM some day, those 250 FE look great with the blue seat and FMF pipe. Where I live we have only Yamaha and Honda (and sometimes a Kawi). Standard (non-FE) KTM 250 are over 15k usd and Yamaha/Honda only 7k usd, ... more »

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Small little track self-made by me and a few mates, good thing is we can ride during the rain season where other tracks usually get flooded for a few months a year (Thailand):

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I've been using the search function, even googled the whole world but haven't found anything except an old post from almost 10 years ago with no real info... So, does anyone have an idea how to build starting gates? I'm thinking 5 to 10 bikes gates. ... more »

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