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Congrats on the new bike and welcome back, my 18 150sx is probably my favorite bike I've ever owned. 100 hours on her now and still ticking like new.

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I've noticed what should be common items (clear replacement lens) listed as out of stock and very very limited color options around on the big parts websites so i figured id go right to the source and see whats up.

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Thanks for all the info guys

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Was looking around there site to see the 2019 line-up and the moto section is gone, anyone know if they stopped making MX stuff?

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Sub'd, the last build you guys did was spectacular.

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I think i've read all of them, i really like the mix of content. Keep them coming.

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Monster Mountain, Tallasee Alabama

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Supposedly the guy ran him into the gravel pit earlier in the race and this was retaliation for that. Still a bone head move that could have had dire consequences, he got what he deserved.

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I have the aluminum on one bike and memlon on the other and I cannot tell a difference between the two as far as feel goes. They're both Brembos equipped KTMs with the same rotors and pads.

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I personally hate riding races after the quads have been out. They're absolutely hell on property, I can't imagine how much worse it would be with double the HP and weight.

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Yea they're not that impressive that's for sure, if I wanted a boutique brand id look at Sherco or GasGas first.

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Yamaha hasn't done anything of substance to their 2-strokes in over a decade... I wouldn't hold your breath.

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Sherco has been a staple in the trials world for a very long time, their recent (2017+) enduro range has been substantially improved and is quickly gaining steam in the US. I have yet to ride one with the KYB suspension but even with the WP stuff they ... more »

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I've ridden 2017 versions of both those bikes multiple times now, I vastly prefer the ktm although it might just boil down to I ride a ktm and was comfortable right away. I will say the 2018 updates AER forks are much better and more reliable than the ... more »

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I run the Memlon ARC levers on all my bikes, in almost 300 hours I've had to use the warranty one time.

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Technical Touch will have billet lugs for KYB, they run around $750.

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Monster mountain

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I'm using a Batfly rotor from Braking and I really like it. Much more power and feel than the stock rotor even with it being the OEM size version.

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Well the weather made that more interesting thats for sure. Had a fun time for the most part, the course definitely changed alot after the "up hill swamp" at the 10 mile mark. Missed qualifying for race two with a time of 2:05, pretty bummed out i could ... more »

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on row 19