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As of late yes he has been on the 350. But he has ridden a 250xcf and 150sx in GNCC seasons past, hes also ridden a 450 for the Big 6 stuff out West.

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Do Nothing: Yes Hitler on board: Interesting question; pre or post WW2 i.e. do you know the horrors committed under his rule, and could this train accident stop them. -You dont know/already happened: Save the 500, Hilter will get his in time. -You do ... more »

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there were probably five or six floating around the ride day Matt Walker just hosted at Silver Dollar in Ga, tried one on super comfy liner and feels lighter than my new F2.

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I've had excellent luck with Maxima SC1, I wash my bike like normal then just spray it on right over the water.

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Have a set of aluminum ARC levers I don't use anymore. Would like to trade for a set of the OEM KTM levers. Used take-offs are fine as long as they're straight and in good shape. Part Numbers for the ARC's CL-203 & BR-214. Shoot me an email if you're

... more »

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FC has done 2 of mine with their AER performance kit, I have been very pleased, it's a vast improvement over stock. I will say I rode a friend's '19 450sxf with full Ohlins setup and it was more than phenomenal. The Ohlins stuff resisted bottoming like ... more »

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The ARC's were spec'd for a 2018 250XC, they're the aluminum version. Email me

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buy me a new set of stock ones and ill trade you for the ARC's that I have.

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Been in PCB for a few years now. Best local track is Countyline by far, big layout, great owners, good dirt just a super fun place. Open everyday weather dependent however they do shutdown for July, August and some of September. Mike Stevenson's place ... more »

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also looking for a 2019 250sxf

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Because the general public is not willing to spend 10 grand on what would probably be a mediocre bike just because the brand is neat.

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Just checked, mine has zero movement.

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There replays available anywhere?

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Most of my adult life has been spent in a very alcohol friendly/enabling environment. I can recall a distinct moment in time where I felt like I needed alcohol. My brain was telling me I needed to drink even though I didn't want to. Fortunately I was ... more »

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I used construction adhesive and attached a piece of "salvage matting" (basically 1” think closed cell neoprene) to the wall to rest the bars against. I turn the front wheel facing to the center of the van and run 1 tie down from the inside foot peg ... more »

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The Ford Transit Connect will only fit a bike if you suck down the front end, people do say that the Mercedes Metris van will fit a bike if you get the tall long version of it. I own and DD a 148wb medium roof Transit with the 3.7 regular V6, I wish ... more »

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Then leave?

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Usually see around 100-150 on race days around the various MX series here in the South, probably 3 times that at our bigger off-road series. I like to race both, when i ask my off-road buddies to go to a race with me the usual "no" has something to do ... more »

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Ignorant to base your opinion on one product out of hundreds they offer.

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Few folks around here have them, I got to throw a leg over the 300SEFR once. Didn't really get enough ride time to formulate a great opinion, but I didn't see any glaring issues either good or bad. Motor was super smooth and made plenty of power for ... more »