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Never had more than two that I can recall at one time. I currently have two, 2019 CRF250F trail bike I keep at my lake house to putt around on and 2014 YZ250F thats in the garage wanting to be started

Added reply in a thread Enclosed trailer, what brands and size to get? 5/27/2020 1:19 PM

I bought new trailers a few weeks back. I wanted to buy an enclosed but I would have had to spend way more than I wanted to for the SxS to fit and didn't have a place to keep it. I have enclosed storage for my 16ft tandam dovetail open trailer I bought. ... more »

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I have a pair of new in the box Acerbis X Rock MX boots, Grey and Black really sharp boots. Much better boot than Tech 7. I bought them from Europe and will cost way to much to ship back for exchange, so small for me, I wear 10 1/2. I would say they

... more »
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I've though about setting mine on a harbor freight dolly but figured it would move around to much. Need something with locking wheels. Should be easy enough to build. Locking wheels can be bought at Harbor Freight, Northern tool, ebay etc.

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This Democrate Virus has scewed up a lot of things.

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I’ve been away for more years then I want to comment. I don’t care how much I raced back in the day. I may take some lessons to get back on the track.

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I have a new Bell helmet still in the box a bought few months back. I can’t remember which one I bought. It sucks getting old.

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I was hoping for a set of big titts !!!!!

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Only when I been drankin!!!! Reboot and reload and it might work.

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Unfortunaly my customers in some cases tell me how much we can mark up Material. How much they will pay for Labor, both Hourly and Chemical Engineers Project managers etc. Will only pay half rate while someone is traveling to a job site. They dictate ... more »

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One word...............China, this cowboy will have to pass.

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Don't ya just love it when one person tells another how they should spend their money!!!! That always goes over really well, about like a fart in a space suit........!!!

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Chances are, if a dealer is consistantly over priced on the sales end, they are typically over priced on the Service end too!!

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Getting stung by the Hornets we already have in this country sucks, I know first hand, one got me years ago fishing in a Bass Tournament.

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It sucks getting old, my last YZ 250 was around 1984. I will own another before I get to old, even if it’s just garage art!!

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I look at times hoping to find reasonable price on a 2006 or newer. The best deals seem to be 2019 people bought and realized a stout 2 stroke is not for them or whatever. I bet 5k can buy a near new YZ if a guy looks around. The days of finding a good ... more »

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I have a tee Handle ratchet, it’s handy.

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I have a brand new in the box never been used Acerbis x rock boots. 45 Euro/10. Gray and black will take 225 shipped lower 48. Really good boots for the money and the gray and black are really sharp. I wear 11 and bought 10 by mistake, bought from Euro ... more »

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Back in the 70,s and 80’s there was a really fast Oklahoma Pro named Trey Jorski, he Roosted me bad in practice at the old 59th and Douglas nighttime Motocross in Oklahoma City in about 1973. Big rock like shot out of a cannon in the chest hurt really ... more »

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Last year I got a good deal on Yamaha side x side and it got even better when is bought a CRF250f too. Just depends on the dealer and how bad they want to make a sale.