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I decided to not use livestock mat. Ended up putting it on floor in work area instead. I was gonna use it as a noise buffer. Probably just gonna use some dynamat, and some steel plating instead. Been busy on automotive projects, so bench still sits in ... more »

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Went to cal ranch and bought remnant piece of livestock pad. It's about 3/4" thick. Cheap and should be good for certain parts. That's a nice bench you built.

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Scored a nice sink/counter to build into a workbench. Was thinking of using livestock pad to quiet and reinforce the unit, combined with some metal plating under counter space. What have some who have done this used. I have to attach some legs and mounts

... more »

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We usually see the race at our watering hole, and sound is lower than the music played. They do fine. It ain't nascar where the commentary is better than the racing with the new cars. 😂

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No such thing as a dumb question; just stoopid people asking questions. I think the forum is tame compared to some I've been apart of.

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I think she do 👌

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They won't return fully if not enough oil is added prior to purge. Something like 390cc and some will burp out, and will have a fully extended cartridge rod.

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By the 4th round I think we'll have a better picture. I only say this because thunder valley is a pretty gnasty track. He comes out of there on the box, and backs it up; ya there's a chance.

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Cone valves are adaptable to wp stock aer platforms.

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I just want a good, hard fought, title race. And of course a kawi to finish at the top of the heat. Not a fan; not a hater, but I sustained an injury that would have ended a career. So, I have mucho respect for the guy. I just want a stacked field, with ... more »

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25ft lbs red loctite is what I do.
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Think he was relocating, so that could be why they were in the van. That's just shitty to have those things taken.

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Sub tanks add more air space. They can be adjusted, at least the enzo versions can be. I would look at enzo and fc to see if this mod is still readily available.

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I'm doing a rci piston kit install for a 140lb rider on a '22 sxf250. He's light, and the aer setup works well. We will do the factory wp spring swap down the road if he chooses. Also, a cone valve kit can be adapted. I've had good feedback on the sff ... more »

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Honestly, open bath cartridge forks with sub tanks make great woods weapons. The sff forks are good too, but spring rates are more limited. Obviously, most like the kyb sss forks to retrofit on older 2t bikes.

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I was right!

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I get that. I'm talking about how this seems to be a reoccurring situation in our sport. You'd have to have a contract that would guarantee pay to the employees, even if team failed. How do you do that? Make them sign over personal assets to cover the ... more »

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So if people don't get paid, while under contract; how do they get what's owed to them? The whole thing doesn't add up. Someone said it earlier: mismanagement of funds. They were a big name/team. So, wtf?

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Service the air side, and grease the piston. Not much to go wrong, if components serviced properly.