Added reply in a thread Why tf is there breaks in coverage on NBC gold 6/3/2017 12:31 PM

And I was unable to watch practice. This app is not all it is cracked up to be

Started new thread Amateur riding at pro nationals 6/3/2017 12:30 PM

Does anyone know if amateurs will be able to ride on Friday at muddy Creek buds creek High Point Southwicke or Redbud?

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Added reply in a thread Wtf no LCQ instead a bunch of random things 1/28/2017 7:11 PM

I was just about to say. They got time to talk to fucking Danika Patrick but not show 250 LCQ??? Cmon bro

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I love the screaming he's fucking stoked on the race And y'all are some whiny bitches

Added reply in a thread for you graphics/printing guys 5/9/2016 2:43 AM

Hit up Tyler at limited decal. They make sick graphics and he could answer any of those questions

Started new thread How to watch today's race 4/16/2016 7:09 PM

I have directive and it didn't record todays race at 2:30. Anyone know how to watch something thats already happened on directv or any website I can watch it on.

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My 15 KX450F. Currently got 6 hours on it! ... more »
Started new thread Js7 Perfect season close call 3/26/2016 6:41 PM

During his perfect outdoor season in 08, did he ever have a Moto where he crashed or barely won?

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There definitely wasn't a lack of people in Atlanta last weekend! Even the nose bleeds were packed!

Started new thread Jimmy albertso in 250s 2/27/2016 4:26 PM

I'm glad to see him back out there but it sucks he went down to lites class

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Started new thread Book bags in Angels stadium 1/7/2016 3:00 PM

Anyone know if you can carry book bags into the stadium? Also can you leave the stadium once you're in? Like go watch practice then leave for dinner and come back for the night show. You couldn't do either at MetLife last year.

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Started new thread 2015 Kx450f recommended oil? 11/17/2015 4:36 PM

I am about to buy a 15 kx450f this weekend and I'm wondering what type of oil everyone uses?

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Thanks so much guys!

Started new thread New bike prep 11/10/2015 5:40 PM

I'm getting a new '15 RMZ450 this week and I'd like to hear some input on what should be done to it before riding it, in terms of taking apart beforehand and what to grease, lock tite, etc. Also is there anything that should be done to the air forks ... more »

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I ride at south fork Mx pretty frequently. It's a great track and the owners are very nice and dedicated. They're open every weekend sat and Sunday and have free camping and electric and water hookups for $10! Disputanta Va

Added reply in a thread Track Map - Monster Energy Cup 2015 9/3/2015 2:03 PM

I've never seen a sx finish line jump anything but a double so that's sick. I've never seen the start be inside of the stadium in Vegas. The joker lane is lame this year however

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Thank you!

Started new thread What sx race was it? 9/2/2015 5:59 AM

When js7 cased the finish line double with his body then pulled out on the track and got t boned by Travis Preston I believe?

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Started new thread Anywhere I can watch second 250 moto? 8/9/2015 5:35 AM

Damn direct tv decided to record nascar instead.

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It's the rednecks with shotguns that make the blacks with pistols think twice about stealing a bike