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The roller bearing fitted makes the cases easier to split and and rebuild. You should not need a crankcase splitting tool.

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Meteor pistons offer a 71.93mm piston. Part number is 2668. I no longer sell them, but the quality is good.

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All the gears shown need replacing as well as any other gears they select in to. Regards the forks hard to say without actually measuring them. karlzracing

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Early 47mm Showa twin chamber cr250.

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19mm x 49mm

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Even if the bushings still have the Teflon coatings on them, but are rough texture and not silky smoothe the forks will bind. One of many many things I have learned in 30yrs servicing suspension.

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If the cylinder has had a steel liner fitted and been bored out to 54.50mm it will fit.

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Yes you can use a needle or on some shocks it has a bolt head that the needle fits in the middle. If it has the bolt assy you can slowly unscrew and it will release the pressure, but having said that you will need the needle to refill anyway. It is also ... more »

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You measure the gap when the ring is in the cylinder bore. Push it in the bore with the piston so it sits correct.

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Going off my daily experience of selling mx parts. It looks that a 1997-1998 rod has been fitted which is 5mm shorter.

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Ive used Coca-Cola and a scotchbrite on light rust, it may work on deep rust.

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Hope this answers the question. K=1989 L=1990 and so on.

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The only advantages where easy to remove and install and saving time and money replacing linkage bearings.

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The last four numbers are 5450. Std bore is 54mm so you may have a steel liner fitted and been rebored 0.50mm oversize.

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After 7 hours it should be broke in, but not worn out. I have known WP shocks in the past do this. In my experience the piston rod nut comes loose, making the valving shims not clamp to the piston, which causes more oil flow.

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The 1988 and 1990 are different, so I would think the 1989 is just for that year only.

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If you are only changing the seals, the only other tool you need is for the fork cap. If you are changing the inner chamber oil you will need the fork cap inner tool, other than that no special tools for the job you are doing.

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As with any liquid in a vessel the air will rise to the top. So when you turn it upside down the air is now rising to the new top. Regarding you saying loads of air, there has to be air in the system to allow the fork to compress.

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125 and 150 are same rod and big end.

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You do not need to remove it to do the seals. If you want to remove the cartridge to clean and remove all the oil properly then you need to remove it. Unscrew the cap, separate the cap from the piston rod, remove spring, remove dust seal and clip and ... more »