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A guy that lived "down the road" from my parents had some guys come out and build a professional grade moto track in their large field in front of their house. It was the prettiest track I've ever seen, wound around their property and was just gorgeous. ... more »

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Every time I think of the #9 I'm reminded of Tedesco when he rode Hondas. Only reason I want AC to keep 92 lol

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The 2 links in the article '2019 Vital MX Audience Survey Results' for "results" and "market trends" have some funky certificate stuff going on. We get the error "unable to get local issuer certificate" which probably has to do with the intermediate cert. I don't think most people at home will have issues, but if the user is going through a proxy server at a large corporation (like the one I work at) it's not going to work. Just a heads up!

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Also FMX Paradise. You'll need to check Facebook before going to make sure they are open though.

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I used them for awhile. I would clean them and re-use them 3-4 times as well. You really can't use them past 4 times because they start to fall apart. I haven't done that in a few years though. No toil and no toil cleaner has been the easiest method ... more »

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I hope Milestone remains Milestone and keeps releasing games. The latest MX vs ATV games have been terrible compared to MES or the MXGP games. You can throw fat whips in MES and MXGP. You can also throw low scrubs that actually make you faster (ya know, ... more »

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Thanks for the follow up! Hopefully you can find a farmer or somewhere local that has a cheap tank.

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You should call the guy back and ask exactly what he's there to look for. Then you can prepare or realize it's pointless. I doubt anything will come of this. Please update everyone though

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I do oil and oil filter every 10-15 hours. Belray or Maxima oil. No problems for years...

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I know at least one guy that has had their bikes stolen and got paid for them through similar insurance. It's worth the $75 a year IMO.

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Miss his posts on Reddit. The vids are pretty good!

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Maybe more of us are on at work than at home?

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I've never seen so many guys stop by a dudes truck then when there is an Alta in front of it. Go to any motocross track and if a dude rolls up with one I guarantee half the guys there will stop and check it out. If I can afford it I'll get the Honda ... more »

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I have a 05 kx250f at home that was locked up, bought it from a teenager for $400. Took of the cam chain and heard a loud "click" and now the thing kicks over and shifts through the gears. Haven't tried to start it due to a knee injury. But if it starts ... more »

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You do the training challenges during the "career" portion of the game. When you select what your rider does for the week, you need to add training days and complete the challengers. I believe I unlocked all the bike upgrades after completing 2 seasons ... more »

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I know a guy like this. He has some money and gets a new bike every year. You'll be riding around the track and all of a sudden he passes you. Then like half a lap later you get passed again - what the fuck? He's been cutting the track the entire time ... more »

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DC comes in and answers...Vital kicks some major ass! I agree with DC and the flaggers at Red Bud generally aren't first timers. Really isn't much you can do for guys not obeying the flags.

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I liked that in the "Commercial Breaks" on NBC Sports Gold they switched to the heli-cam a few times. That is way better than seeing the side of the track!

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That didn't work for me on iPhone. Still 2000 clicks (once for gas, once for restart button). I just did 40 races like that (hit gas, then do restart) and it only counted it as 1. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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I saw plenty of people drinking their own at MXoN. Either really good at hiding or the staff only confiscated the obvious.