Added reply in a thread Did Ralph really just say that? 2/17/2020 4:38 AM

It's because he's so much bigger than everyone out there (not fatter, just bigger). If you watch the end of the 450 LCQ and they zoom in on him you can tell he's a beast. His thighs are bigger than some of his competitors waist lol

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These are really great to listen to in the car. I sorta wish they would just start the race video instead of showing highlight reels of whichever rider he's talking about.

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I hope he crushes it this weekend! The zuk is looking siiiick

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I've been out for a year with knee issues, it's terrible. Quadricep tendonosis, chondromalacia, and IT Band Syndrome. Fun stuff....nothing's broke but it sure feels like it.

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You must play as much as I do lol. I agree with everything. Everyone bitches about how they want Reflex back so that's the in-air crazy handling we get and the "lightness" that seemed to come out of nowhere. There really wasn't anything wrong with the ... more »

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That's hilarious I've never seen that before! Bam Bam was all pissed off about that one lol ... more »
Added a comment about feature Who Wants To Sponsor A Supercross Racer? 2/7/2020 8:56 AM

Anyway you could post the URL to the Vital thread you refer to? I can't seem to find it via Google.

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I agree. I said they were old lol. I check the forums a lot so maybe the recent comments get deleted after I read them. I'll stay regardless until I get clippy clippy.

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You mostly move them to Non-Moto, and some of these are old. Just move them to Non-Moto then this guy has nothing to comment on lol. This was using google to search "vitalmx + "liberal"" as well as "vitalmx + "hillary"". I didn't do "Clinton" or "trump" ... more »

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So why police the front page, but not the comments? Every day someone is bashing either Rs/Ds/Trump/Clinton and those comments stay but this post gets removed? Just move it to Non-Moto and let it go lol

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Tickleback....isn't that a shot!?

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Brute Force is where software on a remote agent is trying to hammer your user/administrator account passwords trying to get into your system. To secure yourself against these attacks you need to have good passwords and account lock-outs set (and with ... more »

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Hope he's able to heal fast and get well soon. He was looking pretty good before the crash. On a side note his gear and bike looked sick!

Added reply in a thread He's hitting his marks drinking game! 1/27/2020 6:55 AM

As soon as he said it the 2nd time I looked at my wife and said the same thing "welp, looks like Ricky's phrase of the night is "hitting his marks" lol. I think last week it was "put himself in position" before that it was "...jump through the whoops". ... more »

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Why didn't you take that the instant it came out of their mouth? lmao "I got an offer for $1500. But I'll start at $500" I don't care how you got it but that's hilarious.

... more »
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So won't mention the name because "anyone that's worked at a track vs being a rider...understands". What exactly is the worry here? I've never, ever, heard of a place that needs help - and doesn't post where the job is located ... more »
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Hey anyone live in the USA that would like to work at my track? I aint paying travel or anything and the track is somewhere near Georgia or Alabama. I mean, the US can't be THAT big.... Nobody lives in Georgia??? Or near it?? lol I wonder why he can't

... more »
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Ah yea, I didn't see that... I was meaning for him to take the bike somewhere. I could see it easily being 200 to get someone to come out to your house.

Added reply in a thread Engine cradle dent 1/13/2020 7:24 AM

200? Should be more like 40 lol.Never mind, I see they are coming to your house... Maybe over-seas it's more expensive no matter what. Here in the states we have tons of body shops and bike shops that would weld that for cheap, but obviously you need ... more »

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Just because you haven't had it doesn't mean it isn't real or a blanket term lol. I got sick from my own homemade jerky once. Also once from Ci-Ci's. It happens man. You'll know if you get it, shitting and puking the whole works, it sucks bad. I don't ... more »