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Yeah Manny! good to see some Canadian tracks in the mix!

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sweet, cant wait

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Forks are super easy, used 85 clamps, and brake. You can use the ttr wheel and axle. Rear shock has alot more work, you have to loose the air filter or turn the shock around and make a linkage set up, I went with the whole rear end off the 85 so i got ... more »

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I've done a couple, took a stock ttr 125, fitted yz85 kit forks, rear shock, big bore 150, stroked, ported and polished head, cam, valves, gusseted frame,frame cradle and bigger carb. Im planning on putting a yz85 rear end on but it works well already. ... more »

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Props to Justin for doing what he is doing. I met him at club mx a year ago and he was one of the nicest guys ive met. hope he gets a good ride. Nice to see someone who actually wants to race!

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PM sent,

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where are you located? im in Erin, ontario. Im interested in the shock

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Hey Manny, you should bring that bike up and race the saturday nationals like we talked about!

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never underestimate Kyle, hell surprise you more than you think. Should be an interesting season thats for sure!

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i canr remember what its called but pros drink it all the time. Its a nutrition/focus drink, my rider used to make one for every mechanic so they atleast had something in them to drink for the day, as far as the towel goes its so that his gloves dont ... more »

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maff is a hard working dude, he had solid equipment last year( as i built his bikes all last year) . he needs a few small tweaks and he will start winning on a regular basis. We cant forget how fast some of these guys are up here. dylan has the best ... more »

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Ive worked the CMRC nationals for a couple years now, i calculated roughly my hours and pay and it worked out to be 5 an hour. keep in mind thats practice bikes and race bikes. We finished 2nd in mx2 class behind cole thompson.

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might as well come to canada! everyone else is hahaha

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id rather watch Feeki, dude actually kills it on a bike too!

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Donk is a solid Dude, ive known him for years and he works harder than any other guy out there. I listened to the show and if you did to youd realize how much extra he did for cole without expecting any futher compensation. I just know he loves moto ... more »

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see you all there!

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funny how everyone says how much better it would be if redbull or even rockstar would take over.Up here in canada we had rockstar take over the nationals and they do 100x better job advertising, give out more, representitives are actually there and are ... more »

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come on! dudes famous, we all want a jersey from Chiz! Do you get to keep some of your personal sponsors this year? is this a SX only deal and if nothing else comes up for outdoors what would you do?

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Ill always remember working with the otsff yamaha team and what bobby brought to it, I always thought he was so serious but he is actually one of the nicest, funniest riders youll find. My favourite memory was in Ulverton 2014, going down the start straight ... more »

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Find someone who could use another hand, The way i did it was go to the races and help whoever needed some help. Ive worked for bunch of guys including Kevin Urquhart, chris blose and Kyle Chisholm. If you can get in with one guy like that and they like ... more »