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^Yes the batcart was sweet. We we're along the woods line in the camping area. Good view of the harescramble

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Was Mitch eating throughout? I enjoyed the depth.

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^ How do you figure?

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Luckily fox was bad enough to scew up the audio. I heard only bikes during the whole show. It did sound better than Ralphy

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Another lap???? C'mon nascar

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"That goddamn Foreigner"

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Right you are!

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Rupert has the best posts. Hillbilly makes me laugh every time. Maybe cuz he's my druncle

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Does anyone have a discount code they would like to share to help out some fellow moto goers? Trying to buy our b lot camping and anything would help! Could spend the money else where like another 30 rack

thanks all

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I wanted the leafs to do well. After seeing Kadri almost kill someone the other night I hope they lose the last two games by ten. Holy shit that was terrible

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Maybe the turnout will be affected like Indy

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I fackin love these threads! And Sende I fackin love Meshuggah. Here is one that will make you run outside and whoop the mailman's ass for no reason. Crank it!

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It's been a looooong time since I went to Semics Mx school. I want to say that's where I learned that it was ok to not use it. I also remember running a circle track and Gary had us using the brakes without clutching as well. I never do on the down shift. ... more »

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Whoever wins the title out of AP, Savatgy and McElrath gets to defend it next year if they wish. The other two must move up. Osborne moves up because he is defending it this year. Not sure about some of the others.

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It's rather funny how the rules have gotten this far under Hanny and Watson's skin. Good luck to Cedric and the rest of the team!

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Willy B!!! Fastest pitbike racer on the planet

0 0 0

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Felt like a playoff game! Those guys were out for blood last night. I cannot wait!

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I got the feeling that Bereman and Durham did during the East coast is toast tour

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No doubt Donovan he is good. As a jackets fan I dont have a whole lot of room to talk. he has done a fine job but I take a jab anywhere I can against the Pens (you can thank Cindy for that). As far as the leafs go, I feel it may be a long shot but if ... more »