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When I was a kid I had to have a honda because RC was my hero. I've continued to have Hondas because of how. Startet and I just like them now. IDK if anyone started like I did or not, but Honda hiring RC at that particular time has got them a buyer for ... more »

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Just opening ceremonies...

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I had a set of Thor core gear I purchased in 05 and used until 10 when I stopped riding. When I got back in last year it was a no brainer and I purchased Thor again. I've out 72 hrs on my bike/ gear since last Jan and the gear still looks new.

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My son started racing this year, and it's something we always do. I will point out things for him to watch or do and it's neat watching him take a particular line all race that we discussed. He's 5 so it's important for him to understand where he needs ... more »

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If you are cheating to make it in the PW class it's time to step away.. Raising kids is about teaching them positive lessons and allow them to grow into good adults. That's not the lesson I'd like my kid to learn.

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We enjoy riding there also. Very family friendly environment. BTW, I just noticed you are from OC, I live in Winslow so were close.

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I have been outspoken about how much I enjoy the gold app, but I thought the same thing about "fastest lap". Last lap time would be a good replacement and cycle between that and gap to next guy.

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Nymx guy needs a cigarette and a nap after moto 1...

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Have used the app flawlessly for several years. I'm far from tech savvy.

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Same. Leatt is top notch.

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If I'm Cooper no way I line up outside Eli. Why chance getting pushed wide trying to cause a pile. And if I'm Eli, I try for the W. The title is pretty much out of reach, go collect that win bonus.

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Holy Shi# I saw the title and literally came into this thread to post the same thing... Are you my twin i didn't know i had?

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People would call me Pat McAfee for how hard i'd punt a dude if it meant winning a SX championship.

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User error. You have to click gold at the top.

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Is there one for a guy who crashes a lot? Asking for a friend.

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