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Oh also I've put 30 hrs on my clutch and it hasn't needed adjusted ever. I check free play every ride.

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Even with rekluse radius cx you still use stock basket... I put in a rekluse billet basket and rekluse radius cx. It's sweet for woods riding. I rarely use my clutch lever anymore. It's pretty pricey for the full system, but worth it for what I do.

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"Prestigious event" when you have riders and nations voluntarily sitting out its lost its prestige..

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I've been going to St Louis since 03. Last years was bad. Probably die to Indy being an East/ West round. If I didn't go to both I would have picked Indy. I'm guessing many thought like me.

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Replaced mine with the rekluse basket when I heard some were having issues.

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I bought a used pw50. Working perfect for my little one. I can't fathom a more perfect bike for a new little guy to figure things out on. They are cheap to buy and cheap to fix.

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This. He currently has huge point lead. Why risk putting up a fight for 3 points against someone who has zero shot at the title when your only challenger is behind you.

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Maybe Webb is having a hard time riding with that headache Roczen warned him about.

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Teams sponsor riders to sell products. Some do that through race wins and podium speeches. Others have a huge social media platform and following. Reed would get just as much brand exposure due to his popularity and social media presence as a guy like ... more »

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0% chance they remove the leap. I'll stamp that statement. Some riders huck it, some don't. These are pro's and this isn't a fair race. I feel like I'm reading a State Farm commercial. Bunch of French models in here.

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Might actually work out well for Marv. He's been the bad guy getting boo'd since SX. Now people start to feel bad for the guy about getting railroaded by the French federation. This might help get him back into the fans good graces.

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The kid was 11 prior to cutoff which makes him eligible per the rules and spanked the field. He also raced the 85 class and finished DNF, 2,2. How the hell is he sandbagging. Without the DNF the kid finishes second overall in a class some "think" he ... more »

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Well.. except for that one time in 2014 when he pissed amphetamines.

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If that's the case it's a guarantee that he will try his best!

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I use no-toil air filter oil. Oxiclean works to remove the dirt and oil from the filter. I usually fill my sink 1/4 up with water and then add a scoop of powder. After my filter looks clean I'll drain the water, and keep rinsing the filter under running ... more »

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If they can make a buckle to contain bellies like these, AStars with their resources Should be able to make a set of pants that can withstand a tip over.
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Rekluse radius cx clutch kit and rekluse basket.

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$50 is only a drop in a bucket when you are selling 17 Honda's for 20k.