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I broke mine in 2005. Didn't go to the DR for a few months. By then it had nearly healed. It hurts nearly every day due to arthritis. I have limited motion in wrist. Riding with brace helps when riding but the night after dear lord I have some pain.

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Lol if he rides like that in the big boy class his front will get sawed off every race.

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Trail riding and woods racing the bike is lethal. Easily the best bike I have ever rode for the trail.

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I know what you mean. I saw the title and thought you have got to be kitten me. Not this crap again.

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If he looks at the points I'm sure he would know who he was. One is second, the other doesn't show up in the top 10 (13th).

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You forgot to thank your girlfriend, mechanic, and trainer while sipping from your monster can filled with water.

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Grab a snickers bro. He posted a picture.

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^ This. Or anyone for that matter.

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My thought also. 4 bikes stolen, what are you doing parking them on the stand at the end of your driveway? I'm in LE and haven't worked 4 bike thefts in my 10 years of service.. talk about shit luck.

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He can and will win a few races the rest of this Supercross season, but as for his chances to win the title well..

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Thank you for the response. What you said is kind of what I had figured. I will probably just go the pre installed background route. I just thought I would check here first just in case it was being done and I wasn't in the loop yet.

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Is there a company that prints number backgrounds into or onto the plastic? My new Honda has the graphics printed (into/ onto)? The shrouds. I would like something like that due to them staying on better than the standard sticker. I'm probably wishing ... more »

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Gaerne. Best boots I have ever owned.

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I'm with kid. Did she sack up and blitz the pack like a bro or not.?

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Troll thread? Cliff notes for others to catch up. OP: What 250 should I buy? I'm thinking yellow. Vital: Yellow sucks buy any other brand. OP: yellow 250 it is Vital: don't do it OP: buying yellow boys! OP: bought a yellow 450 Vital: wait what?! OP:

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