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Heck yea! I was there. Don't want them to grow up to fast but man was I ready for today.

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4 he was the youngest out there, but I felt like he was ready. It was a good learning experience for the both of us!

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So, last Christmas I bought my son his first dirtbike. Well today we finally let him race. He had a blast. Right after pulling off the trail he asked when he could race again. I'll admit I'm one proud dad this evening.

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What happens when a rotor breaks and you get sliced up?

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With the radius cx kit which I installed it comes out. You use rekluse pack so it's not needed if I remember correctly.

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Commercial sized product similar to simple green in a pump sprayer I "borrow" from work. Spray can of cleaner/ polish I also borrow from work.

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Chalk me up for another Leatt fan. Just purchased the 4.5 v19.5 and it runs cool with tons of airflow.

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Damn.. if the pros who make SX mains catch this kind of crap what the heck is a guy like me who struggles to make top 10's in the B class knowing I have about 0 shot of making the box. Guess I should hang up the ole Gaerne's and take up badminton. Unless ... more »

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I run the WC aluminum one. And I remove it each wash. It takes 2 minutes to take off/ put on. The stock one is easier than this one.

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Coops stalker has a point. I mean, it's kind of weird to post about it on an anonymous message board. But much of what he said is true. Sometimes bitches be crazy...

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Echo Valley?

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Big bike, looked at it. Pit bike, rode a tank of gas through on the mini track with my son on his PW.

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My left is the same way. My range of motion is non existent. I do some stretches like in your pictures to improve flexibility a bitt. Also I bought the Mobius wrist brace. The thing is a life saver. My wrist used to hurt so bad when riding. Now I don't ... more »

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I wish they would incorporate the little guys into the night shows at a few SX races. Maybe the triple crown rounds since the schedule favors that smaller brake. Would be cool to see a few times a year.

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This wasn't for championship contention. This is an exhibition race... Tomac had the overall regardless of the pass. He helped him earn more money. Who gives a shit. Some people whine just for the sake of whining.

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Hello! Finally we get the true Red Bud experience!

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"How about the US fans take loosing like a "man" (am I even allowed to stay that anymore, or is someone triggered? Whatever... FU)."