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He’s already 20 years old so he’s probably learned everything about sex that he’s ever going to know, hooking up with an older woman probably won’t change that… much.

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JT$, I know it’s just like, my opinion, man, but I think you should just keep doing what you’re doing.

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I wasn’t quoting George Carlin, though. I was loosely paraphrasing some lines from GoodFellas. 🙂

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Go watch GoodFellas, that’ll help you understand the joke.

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Honda… we want to pay Jett more money than we pay you to ride the 450… Chase… your sister needs an operation on her crotch? FUPM! … you want to pay Jett more than you pay me? FUPM!!

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Right on!

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I like that there is a method in the rules for people to police the overspending, but they feel that it will blackball them and / or their kid if they do. If that is true I say fuck the industry, and any narrow minded putz within the industry that supports ... more »

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Tempers flare, especially in a situation like that, I do like the fact that SR not only refused to acquiesce but seemed willing to inform him that the way he approached him about it was unacceptable. I’m sure they’ll be able to get past it soon, and ... more »

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The coffee machine at the Kawasaki rig is broken, and they’re not planning to fix it or get a new one.

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I looked up to Broc Glover as a kid, he had kind of a hero like status to me, after hearing Rick Johnson ( another rider I looked up to ) talk about him on the WTS it put a smile on my face because that’s exactly how I thought he would be in person. ... more »

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Someone go tell those dumb asses to turn the power on. 🤣

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Maybe MAVTV was the only channel/network/station ( or whatever ) that was interested in broadcasting it? Or maybe any others that were interested would have been cost prohibitive or something. I sure hope they get this live broadcast thing down sooner ... more »

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5 years retired, got his number 5 back, 5 and 5 on the day for 5th overall. 5 fives for his first race back, that’s pretty cool! 🙂

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That’s some HOF numbers there! 🤣

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That is the dumbest looking motorcycle I’ve ever seen. 🙂

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My understanding is that his bike last year would be more of a bespoke scenario, this years bike will be off the shelf and tailored. The guy is so amazing on a bike that I’m sure he’ll make it work just fine. 🙂

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That bike (is/was?) absolutely beautiful!

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How about if they shot every lazy suns a bitch that goes a lap down? That would be a humane way to save the offending rider the hassle of finding a safe place to exit the track.

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I swear I saw a signet imbedded in the track that said “ I do to others what they do to me, only worse “.

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“ He says you don't get a 10 inch gash in your butt at your accounting or plumbing job.” Sounds like he’s never heard of plumbers butt!