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Random thoughts DC, a true steward of the sport. A virtual walking encyclopedia of knowledge and information, then 2022 happened. With exception of the excellent racing on the track, the last year or three have been rough on DC. At least he takes great ... more »

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ML, can you add a feature that if someone gets down voted so many times over a 24 hour period that said person gets an automatic 24 to 168 hour (or more) ban? Asking for a friend.

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Any doc that wants to go through the back of your ass cheek run...or limp away as fast as possible. That's an unnecessary 6 month recovery and a lot of pain. SUPERpath. no cutting of tendons or muscle, one 6" scar on the side of my cheek and a couple ... more »

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Hmm, Ive only had problems with one race, the first one, so far. MAVTV Plus worked for me FLO works for me. For FLO I signed up on my PC, down loaded the FLO app on both my phone and my Samsung TV then cast it to the TV with zero issues. Not saying there ... more »

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Maybe this was already said (if so sorry for the repeat) but there are so many moving pieces and demands made by so many different players to air MX, a niche sport at that, that Im surprised same day coverage let alone live coverage happens at all. Can ... more »

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What's crazy? I only had problems with MAV at round 1, after that the app worked for me, little glitchy at times but it worked. Signing up for Flo through the rest of the season. So where does SX get televised for 2023?

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Who hates Adam? Wouldn't hating on Adam be the equivalent of kicking a puppy?

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Pulp show 500, McGrath said, and Im paraphrasing "I would hate to race Barcia, I thought Emig was bad but Barcia is on another level". Dungeys strength and conditioning are next level. That save and still maintaining speed?? Impressive.

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Yesterday morning, San Diego wholesale pricing for non-branded fuel. Reg. Unl.-$5.06/gallon Diesel-6.03/gallon By my house for branded (Chevron) retail Reg. Unl.-$6.69/gal Diesel-$6.99/gal Someone's making money on all this. Didn't pickup my drum of ... more »

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San Diego. I put a 54 gallon drum of VP 50:1 small engine fuel on will call today, let you know how much that cost tomorrow. Ill also post the current whole sale price of unleaded and diesel too as I need to order 3,000 gallons of each.

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Years ago MXA broke an embargo and put a new Suzuki on its cover, just go for it ML.

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Champions don't level lappers, if they did Barcia would be king.

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Better than nothing, thank you.

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Wait? Are we still talking about State Fair?

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Yep. Its taken me 9 months to get 3 Rangers for our fleet, still don't have them, just the VIN's which means they are close now. No eta on F150's and F250's. The Class 8 truck I have on order is minimum 52 weeks out and the 6 stationary genset I am going ... more »

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06 YZ450 Pros: always starts, ultra reliable-in 16 years its never been opened up, that includes the clutch. #borrowedtime Cons: Still too fast for me #isuck Photo circa 2019 LEGP.

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Already discussed, Dungey-5 (AMA signed off) Cairoli-222 (will cost him a signed jersey per Matthes) 84-If Herlings comes would you want to be the guy known as drawing a line in the sand over a number?

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Listen to Matthes post race interviews. He ask Decoster directly about Webb and said " we know he's not doing outdoors..." Roger said he's stubborn and lost his way and that it takes time to get back on track.

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Self imposed embargo of all social today so I could watch the race when I got home tonight. What is going on with Peacock lately???
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The Huntington Beach desal project is doomed, 20 years of planning and construction down the drain. "The staff of the California Coastal Commission recommended denying approval of the Huntington Beach plant..." I work in water in SoCal, the politics, ... more »