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Take a look at the fork height spec in your manual. I think that they are supposed to be slid up further.

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Did you guys modify your air box cover to make it easier to remove with that tank setup? Maybe it’s just where I put the vent fitting but I’m having a hell of a time with mine.

Added reply in a thread Let's see your white Yamahas 1/24/2021 3:02 PM I never figured out who made this kit. I’d buy one for sure.

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Man I would love to have that bike in my garage. Looking back at the pictures brings back some memories. I don’t think the oil filler location was designed with the low pipe in mind I had a hose connected to a funnel and it took a long time to fill. ... more »

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I bought eBay ti once. My only complaint is that they measured the whole bolt including the head to get the length. I don’t remember who i bought from

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I did a restyle kit on my 03. I wish I would’ve used the old style rad shrouds, the big pointy top part of the new one looks off to me. Something to think about if you don’t have graphics yet.

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I’m thinking about getting the off road wash to try on my log truck. Is it ok for polished aluminum?

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What chain will run? I’ve had good luck with the rk mxu that pc uses. I’m not sure if it’s the lightest but it looks tiny.

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I have a sliding glass door that gets sticky, sc1 fixes it right up. Don’t get it on linoleum though. As you can imagine, it’s bad news.

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I hate those added fees but I feel for anyone that is in retail these days. If you are on a first name basis with your local dealer and he knows you spend money in his shop, I bet he would take the fees off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying my best not ... more »

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Steve doesn’t get enough credit for his sense of humor. One time he said to RV in a post race interview “You came away with a win but you got a little lucky when the seven had problems out there. Either way a win is a win and you will take it. Right? ... more »

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Awesome video. Can’t wait to see the rest

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I wonder if Savatge has any thoughts of squaring things up with Zack Saturday night?

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Semi final

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Great looking bike. My first 250f was a 05 and I really liked it. It ran good, cornered great and it was cheap to buy. I also found a lot of parts for it on eBay. I probably should have kept it.

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My nephew but I thought I’d put it up anyway. I love this picture
Added reply in a thread Seattle SX mudder 4/2/2018 7:33 PM Dirt worx putting down asphalt grindings. I wonder if they have used that before.

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The vented plates on outdoor factory Suzuki’s were the trickest. They put a background on a stock plate then cut out the bottom part of the plate around the number and riveted in some screen behind it. Look up Ricky’s 07 outdoor bike to see what I’m ... more »

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I had a 05. It was a good bike for me. What parts do you still need ? I think I have a few Honda parts out in the garage.

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Smpro wheels ave purple rims. Hard to find in the USA these days.