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It is good to hear that a few more riders/racers are good parents. I have 2 boys and I went the same direction. My wife and I don't shelter them but made sure that they know what right and wrong is and to keep out of certain situations. I still get irritated at guys that think my 13 year old needs to hear the F-bomb every other word. Oh, but he is a teenager they say. He should be numb to that by now. Not in my house, sorry. I was brought up old-school and are trying to keep that moral in my family's next generation. My father would still belt me in the mouth if I would curse in front of him. And he is 78. And don't get me started on our racers that think they are Christians and thank the "Good Lord Jesus Christ for keeping them safe" and then drop the F-bomb 2 seconds later to their buddy. You either walk the walk the walk or you don't. Enough of that. Bring on Supercross!

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Check out the Leatt Fusion 2.0 upper body vest. I bought my youngest son one when he was small. Best protection out there for little ones.

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In 1973, my neighbor got a new Honda QA50 for his birthday. I was 6. I fell in love with the sound and watching him ride. He never let anyone ride it but that made the desire in me increase to get my own. I was fascinated by dirt bikes then and almost

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Try running 60:1 with the Silkolene and check your float height. You already leaned the carb out pretty far. Like others have said, go with the hotter plug also. Good luck.

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Same here! That ice was camouflaged as dirt. Never run Broome in the winter without studs unless you like being on the ground a lot.

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Farting is the endless supply of entertainment. A real crowd pleaser.

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Not brand loyal here either but the latest Austrian bikes are hard to beat. Grew up riding Suzukis in the late 70s and early 80s. Hopped over to Yamaha for a few years and then went Honda in the late 80s early 90s. Jumped back to Yamaha in 97 and stayed ... more »

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This! I rode one enduro with that tire in eastern PA and the side knobs were gone by the halfway point. I am a Dunlop guy but never again.

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I agree with you there. This year he was the best in WESS. He is also 20 years younger than Jarvis. We'll see how he does in the next few years.

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Jarvis at home in Carl's Dinner.
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The title is the gnarliest on a dirtbike. Not the gnarliest mxer. I want to see any of the above mentioned mxers follow Graham Jarvis through Carl's Dinner. Even Ryan Sipes who I think is the best all-around dirt bike rider in the US right now gave credit ... more »

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Carsten or Grewe. They race currently and put on clinics at LL every year. Both are in their mid 50's.

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The AMA writes the universal rules. The District has the final say. Most tracks are going away from the AMA and becoming independent. They get their own insurance and run it the way they want. The only issue I could foresee would be not being able to ... more »

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I'm 52 and have the same FX350. One of the best bikes I've ever ridden. I can race moto, scrambles, GPs, and enduro with it. Change the fork air pressure and a few clicks on the compression front & rear and you are good to go. I'm at 100+ hours and ... more »

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ACRMX is some of the best racing I ever did. So much fun and a laid back atmosphere. Saturday mx and a Sunday GP. Evansville, Broome, Blue Diamond, Dutchman, Hurricane, etc...

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I think we should also consider the issue of so much idle time at the track. Too many classes and sitting at the track for 10 hours gets old real quick. Most racers here in eastern PA are moving to off-road because of ride time. Running scrambles and enduros puts hours on your bike with very little down time. You show up 30-45 minutes before the race and bug out after your done. You have the rest of the afternoon/evening to yourselves.

Lastly, there really is no beginner class to have new racers come out and give it a try. You always have some kid out there sandbagging in the 250C class with a $15K race bike that will lap guys in the A class. (We can thank LL for that debacle.) You get a new kid out there that can barely do any obstacle and sees this. He is never coming back because he is demoralized and figures that this will be an impossible feat. This needs to be addressed at the local level. The AMA's point system is useless and the advancement process need to be determined by the local track owners. I've seen it in years past where an owner saw a kid and bumped him up on the spot. Now we would have the parents suing to keep little Johnny in the novice class. Want to bring back local mx? 125 class (preaching to the choir Ping; cheap and fun), less classes mean shorter days, and natural terrain mx. Supercross is for pros. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox.

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I'm back to the HS scene from doing moto for 30 years. A buddy of mine talked me into doing some scrambles and then the Moonshine Enduro. It is one of the toughest things I have ever done on a bike but so rewarding. Moto is a piece of cake compared to ... more »

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You should try the ECEA Rattlesnake (Williamsport, PA area) or the Moonshine Enduro (Hazleton, PA area). Run basically the same way but they run the typical cc and age classes. Race is roughly 65 miles divided into transfer and test sections. Tough, ... more »

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I worked for Eyvind when I was in college back in the late 80's early 90's. I still remember Glen as a little kid roaming around the shop looking for helmets to paint. Good times.

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I bled yellow for years. Loved racing my RMZ450. But after I rode one of the Austrian bikes, there was no going back. No matter how cheap it is, the platform is just too heavy and is really just a revamped 2008. It takes allot of money just to make it ... more »