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Good bye my friend. Im very sad to see you go, specially this way but if you saw no other way to keep going, then I can't blame you. I hope you find your peace

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Thanks ML, can you please take down this thread? Now that we know contact has been made. I think it may be hard for him to see this unless people think the support will be encouraging for him but being around this road I would find it embarrassing. Even ... more »

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Scottie has passed on. Lets change this thread into remembrance of our dear friend. God Speed

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Well, I left a message at 1:20ish havent heard from them but saw a slip was made and my helmet would be here by friday. Really bummed at the lack of customer clarity/support they provided but still the coolest shop ive ever been to when in in California. ... more »

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Hey guys, Looking for a contact for someone at chapperal. Ordered a helmet for my birthday placed it the 16th 2nd day air and haven't heard a word about it since. It was a shoei so it was pretty expensive and to 2nd day it was another 162. I keep calling ... more »

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Would strongly disagree.

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I've been absolutely crushed by this Taylor was my drummer since i was 12. I've grown up listening to him drum almost every day of my life.

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They are, id like to get a look into it and see why they dont have elastic going now but I also personally think AWS is shit specially their price points.

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I'm tired of this site breaking when something rad happens Hit me up Elastic bandwidth isn't hard to achieve and I'll save you a couple grand a month

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They had a sight lap. But he did miss the corner for his line and have no where to go

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Only one riding with heart out there he's a dumbass and needs to be fined but he lays it out there every time

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Love them, feel bad for the riders but they are in the circus

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Ride the 450 class Craig if your so upset of how the riding is in 250s I know it really sucks to be in last by 20 seconds and get a fourth. But Vince couldn't hack it maybe you can

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Looked like Vince missed his line and it is what it is Maybe Craig should ride the 450 class if he is so disgusted by the amateurish riding in the 250 class

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I have my kiddo with me staying at a house down the road from A1. I want to go watch practice and walk the pits for a bit today but then I need to go get my kid down for a nap. Is it possible to leave the stadium before 6 and come back in?

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NAKD/CENNTRO merger should be done tomorrow or tonight (aus) Held avg of $5 a day for 5 days that was require ment. Went up 15% Normal hours and 11% AH. Tomorrow official announcements should come out. Feeling good.

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Good for him but who gives a shit.

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Anyone get some dealer prices yet?

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This was sent to me morning after vet nationals.....had black frame and weird plastics