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Good question. I wonder, maybe other costs involved (insurance etc) that make it less profitable. I agree with whoever else said it’s a thankless job and you’re not getting rich from it. We should really appreciate these track owner/managers. We hear ... more »

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To be fair, that was 12 years ago.

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My apologies I didn’t even think to look because I thought the vid had just been posted to YouTube. Guess I’m not that fast!

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I like these guys and they’re pretty popular (I think) on YouTube. Can’t be too critical they’re fans.

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Sounds painful! Good luck on the recovery

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Have the same issue on mine, it’s notchy and weird for a first time rider. Haven’t really tried to resolve it yet though

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Love this bike, nice work!

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If you like movies like “the royal tenenbaums” or “life aquatic” then you may enjoy Amazon Primes “The Patriot”. It’s the best non-sitcom I’ve ever seen but it was dropped after the second season. Very different.

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Always figured lowest psi (often electric) was best as it would be easiest on seals and bearings.

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Looks awesome!

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Nice set up! I wish I was that organized

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What’s changed your perspective to give you this optimism? I’m open to hearing good news!

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Art Garfunkel probs should have worked something out with Paul Simon to keep the dream alive.

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Always thought it was that the warmer weather meant less regular flu, colds etc and as such the populations immune system would be a little less susceptible (stronger) to picking up something like covid 19? Edit: I’m not smart enough (prob you guys aren’t ... more »

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Do we know for sure it was even his decision? Holy crap people, we don’t need to compare this to ourselves all the time - “if this happened in my job”... - sheesh, this is thread the “me first/its all about me” society we live in now

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Sure but Yamaha must have been loving the attention pulp has been giving them about this Star bike that made it seem untouchable. I’m sure this hype led a lot of people to by Yamaha 250f’s. Brads grudge just stopped that train of praise lol Will probs ... more »

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That was awesome! Great video!

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Funny, I kind of sided with Keefe. Hartranft didn’t have his head in the game and Keefe said he was worried he’d get hurt. Also, they pay these guys to be on it, I don’t know if it would be too different anywhere else. Later it shows him being nice to ... more »

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Gear is on point too. Best wishes on a speedy recovery, hope to see him back soon

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Awesome vids to watch with my kids! Nice to see the bloopers at the end of them all. It shows them that he works at it and makes mistakes along the way. Most videos today make you think people just come out of the womb perfect at things.