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I just can’t fathom this support for Barcia beyond just being a fan of his. There’s a list of better riders to the point (beyond being a fan fav) he shouldn’t even be considered anymore… like at all.

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Huh, it wasn’t the fact that he doesn’t like cats, good grief. It was the fact that he though the guy was a kid 40’s “independant woman” for admitting to having a cat. That is what shows the insecurity. But everyone sees what they want to see. The tough ... more »

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Gotcha, makes sense.

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Too bad the school system failed you, likely raised well to be able to figure it out yourself and succeed. Great story.

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Look bud, I don’t think kids should be used as shields. This was declared illegal prior to the EMA (which I’m not sure was necessary if police dealt with this in the first place) and police gave people time to leave and smoke warning. Just because I ... more »

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I’m not. Lots of civil servants are super bright hard working people though.

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Sorry not sure if you know but Rebel isn’t really news. It’s pretty nutty. And what do you expect when you’re down there. Police have been super patient and overly gracious in warning people to get out. Those with their kids down there, they’re like ... more »

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Ha probably not, I get people around the world are frustrated. Things are never as easy or simple as they appear, and I don’t mean hidden societies and conspiracy theories.

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Also, to those outside Canada. The vast majority of Canadians are against this whole thing. The EMA is only an issue because the cops didn’t do their job in the first place for whatever reason but no one wanted the convoy here. It massively disrupted ... more »

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I live in Ottawa. Have voted all over the spectrum in my life. I’ve never really liked Trudeau. The people at the convoy (I visited) are there to bring down the government and the whole thing was organized by hate groups. Yes legit upset people joined ... more »

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Not really following your discussion but for some reason thought I’d mention that I think some of the reference to weed leading people to harder drugs is more about exposing people to “dealers” who can expose people to harder drugs.

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Fan of both guys but this seems too contrived and lacking authenticity. Think he saw an angle to gain some attention and went for it. Doing the right the is always the right thing to do. Don’t think in the long run this was the right thing to do

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Is the newer bike really an advantage or is consistency in platform the advantage? Depends I’m sure but in this case Barcia maybe prefers to have some stability/consistency.

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That is beautiful! Nice job. I think I could have just as much fun on one of those older 125’s if it wasn’t for having to buy a used beater one and not having the time to get it as clean and reliable as something like this.


1. This sounds crazy (like you’re about to do something about it but hoping you’re not and just being funny) 2. You get what you asked for. Vote people out. Quit playing sides like a republican is better than a Democrat or vice versa and just vote them ... more »

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I like the sound of the schedule you guys run. I think it comes down to your last sentence. There have been a few people in this thread state they don’t want to race lots of people and not do well they’d rather race fewer and do well. Society in a nutshell ... more »

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I don’t know, I kind of agree with Pingree on this where I think a 125 is likely the safest bike to ride. Low power, very light, no engine inertia so when you back out it just lightly coasts. It’s still motocross so not safe but.... 125 is slowest and ... more »

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Was probably there for this race in 2000, was always a great race to go to. I remember Preston trying to hang with Carpenter and casing that big triple on the mx track (he was on the POS husky). Also, as a Canuck was awesome to see Chuck Mesley go there ... more »

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Yep good points. I just think there’s big difference in the whole vibe/feel of the cdn Nats compared to the us that I think keeps our cdn guys from doing their best when going to the US nationals. I’m from Ottawa too and want to see Dylan do well, just ... more »

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Has Wright beat Phil outdoors in a US National? Big diff racing in Canada vs US. Phil will be at home there and comfortable.