1. This sounds crazy (like you’re about to do something about it but hoping you’re not and just being funny) 2. You get what you asked for. Vote people out. Quit playing sides like a republican is better than a Democrat or vice versa and just vote them ... more »

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I like the sound of the schedule you guys run. I think it comes down to your last sentence. There have been a few people in this thread state they don’t want to race lots of people and not do well they’d rather race fewer and do well. Society in a nutshell ... more »

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I don’t know, I kind of agree with Pingree on this where I think a 125 is likely the safest bike to ride. Low power, very light, no engine inertia so when you back out it just lightly coasts. It’s still motocross so not safe but.... 125 is slowest and ... more »

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Was probably there for this race in 2000, was always a great race to go to. I remember Preston trying to hang with Carpenter and casing that big triple on the mx track (he was on the POS husky). Also, as a Canuck was awesome to see Chuck Mesley go there ... more »

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Yep good points. I just think there’s big difference in the whole vibe/feel of the cdn Nats compared to the us that I think keeps our cdn guys from doing their best when going to the US nationals. I’m from Ottawa too and want to see Dylan do well, just ... more »

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Has Wright beat Phil outdoors in a US National? Big diff racing in Canada vs US. Phil will be at home there and comfortable.

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100% this. Lean more to it being a “sophisticated” “gentlemen” sport. But yeah, just follow Moto gp formula. Unfortunately it’s North America and everything gets dumbed down.

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It’s Cringe totally agree. Why would anyone be offended by the American flag and patriotism? It doesn’t need to be said. Its just people saying “look at me and my values everyone, look at me”. It doesn’t need to be said that’s why it’s cringe. I personally ... more »

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That’s awesome! Love those fresh snow days. Wish I was that good.

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The Patriot on Prime (not the Mel gibson movie). I like shameless, ozark, Wes Anderson movies, this is the best show I’ve ever seen.

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I don’t think his fitness is suspect by mid race. I think it’s known before the race even starts he’s likely to have fitness issues... because he was injured in the offseason and couldn’t ride/train. Sheesh.

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Ok that’s fair. My opinion is he “misjudged” in that he thought he would have been a hair closer than he was for an intentional take out on Roczen. Him talking to him after just tells me he is the same old Barcia who year after year comes up with excuses ... more »

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Honestly, not sure to most of us we’d even feel it if given a true “blind” test.

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Good question. I wonder, maybe other costs involved (insurance etc) that make it less profitable. I agree with whoever else said it’s a thankless job and you’re not getting rich from it. We should really appreciate these track owner/managers. We hear ... more »

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To be fair, that was 12 years ago.

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My apologies I didn’t even think to look because I thought the vid had just been posted to YouTube. Guess I’m not that fast!

Started new thread Donut Media Motocross Video 8/31/2020 2:26 PM

I like these guys and they’re pretty popular (I think) on YouTube. Can’t be too critical they’re fans.

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Sounds painful! Good luck on the recovery

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Have the same issue on mine, it’s notchy and weird for a first time rider. Haven’t really tried to resolve it yet though

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Love this bike, nice work!