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They probably aren't returning your parts because they sold them Time to play hardball

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From 1st moto results KR seems to have fixed what was ailing him I think they could be walking a thin line when it comes to fitness vs. health

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Get rid of the new progressive style PV spring ( silver ) they put in the 16+ 125/150 I'm using the Red from the 250/300 ( all years , same fit ) on my 16' 150 sx & loving it ( track & trail ) Huge difference ( STIC is on my list )

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very interested in the STIC for my 16 150sx , stk kehin

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If you could imagine some exotic parts …... the owners of Ktm also own Pankl , builder of F1 engine parts …. rods , trans parts etc. in fact Pankl builds production parts for Ktm now

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I rode Southwick 10-15 years ago & being from Michigan most of the track was not very deep sand Most of Michigan is sand , deep Red Bud was always a clay track , gradually they have added sand , last few years a lot of sand

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as dtl210 said ...make sure your powervalve isn't sticking my 16 150sx had this problem & it is somewhat common

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I ride/race my 16 150sx in the woods & moto ….13/52 ! I use 6th

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As a general rule if IFP should be set in from nitro fill end 90% of travel

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It was his Dad

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Ktm being in Austria , has easy access to the highest quality steel in the world ( Russia ) Japan has access to Aluminum ( empty beer cans shipped in from everywhere )

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Never used Tusk but only ones id use are DP & OEM

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Webb almost ko'd himself & passed Tomac , did not cut the track It was a racing incident If roles were reversed i'd feel the same , so why didnt Tomac pass Webb back ?

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Curious what you thought the F1 linkage did ? did you test back to back ?

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Right ! …. & when is Ktm gonna build an Aluminum frame ...remember ?

Liked a comment on the item First Look: THOR Radial Boots 3/1/2019 6:30 PM

They look like a mix between the Scott Genius boots and Fox Instincts. Looking forward to reading reviews.

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you need to open up the airbox

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I'm going to wear a homemade "CBD" t-shirt in Detroit just for the hell of it …..

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My 84' cr250 shock , from new , would start having fading problems ( loss of control ) after 20 - 30 hours of usage That time would shorten ...then after the 3rd oil change I bought an Ohlins I guess I rode a lot