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​Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: It's all Phil's fault.

Michael's Take: Team Monster assemble! Read some of the comments we stitched together below, ha!

Shout out monster shout out Athlete trips

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Michael's Take: Throwback with the Enticknaps.

#FBF To when it was all fun and games! Haha #myrideordie #brotherhood #ridered

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Michael's Take: #Quadgod

Michael's Take: DV looks more excited than Dylan, congrats all!

Michael's Take: This weekend's sand section was full of entertainment, from passes to soil samples.

What not to do in the sand #hangontotheolgal #pawslippedoff @judah_findley

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Michael's Take: Well deserved sir, on to the next goal!

Post race press .conference I think this guys earned a beer right? #228

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Michael's Take: We need another Travis Pastrana...

Michael's Take: So sick to see a rider get stoked on a custom helmet! Bring back more old school designs like this, good on ya Tagger Designs...where's mine?

Michael's Take: Speaking of lil Hill.

Michael's Take: Holy turn up!

#paxrippas @_deancrosson

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Michael's Take: Spiderman, spiderman...


Michael's Take: DV has respect for Eli's frugal style. Hey, that money won't last forever, he's got a solid point.


Non-Moto Picks

Since there's so much gold on IG, we've got a few of our favorite non-moto picks as well.

Michael's Take: Oh snap...wanna see how that happened? Keep scrolling.

Michael's Take: And now the how.

Michael's Take: HOLY...

Another view of the backflip attempt @rasiedbywolfs

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Michael's Take: Oh quads...

quads. || Follow @dailymotonews for more Moto Content!

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Michael's Take: Kangaroo! WTH!

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