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Is pretty frustrating. Can’t get it on safari on MacBook Can’t get nbc gold on smart tv Can’t airplay from phone or iPad to smart tv. Stuck watching on iPad, could be worse I guess.

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wasn't daniel blairs kid complaining about russians a while back?

Added reply in a thread Salt Lake City 2 SX - Night Show Bench Racing 5/1/2021 9:57 PM

Anyone see Anderson crash? Was right when him and barcia was battling . How do they not keep a camera on that

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Anyone know what under jersey chest pro he is wearing?

Started new thread Updated Astars A1,A4 4/9/2021 8:19 AM

Been wanting to pick up an astars chest pro for a while, went to pull the trigger last night and seems they have updated it in the last 2 years? I actually like the looks of the updated version, looks like it’s all soft shell d3. Can anyone comment on ... more »

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what makes a belly mower more valuable to you than a 3 pt? i want to be able to cut tight under trees. have never used a belly mower on anything other than a ride on. i like the ability to quickly raise the rear deck. not sure how manuaverable a belly ... more »

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all great points, it seems i can get a 60" bucket through the dealer, instead of 66" . the guy just had a smoking deal on the 66" because a customer actually downsized on a bucket for tractor he bought. ck2510 comes with a 50" the tractor is 49 " wide. ... more »

Started new thread is a bigger tractor bucket better? 3/25/2021 3:36 PM

ill be putting in an order for a kioti cx2510 next week. i really like the size of this tractor for my property. currently on 3.5 acres so the tractor is great for the maintenance work. I have a 1.5 acres open field where i want to build and maintain ... more »

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Started new thread One machine to build a mini bike track 2/17/2021 12:05 PM

If you had to rent one machine to build a mini track over a 1 acre area. What would you rent

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I just use SC-1

Added reply in a thread That blue kit Roczen was wearing. 2/7/2021 10:05 PM

Thought if Webb caught Kenny this would have trended, gear reminded me of Spider-Man.. but Kenny had something different to say About getting caught in a webbb
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Can we just all get Vince in the 250 class? We would all be happy with that right

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Bring back racing banners too! Love seeing guys hit triples with them caught in the rear wheel.

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Glad they didn’t budge on penalizing Kenny for jumping on a cross flag he couldn’t see. Rules are rules and you gotta be consistent ya know. No matter who it is

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justin Barcia 69 points Dylan Ferrandis 67 points its definitely the yamaha's fault

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gypsy's format/concept is great overall, but he's not a great host. he loves to interject and one up his guests, its obnoxious.

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Are bike prices rising with inflation or above? I paid cad7600 +tax for a 2011 yz250 in 2011.. Not the best data but it is data. Paid 10,500 cad for a 2020 fc350 this year .. that’s basically 8200 usd .. same price you paid for a yz250? Yikes. Also what’s ... more »

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How do you add 1 tooth on stock sprockets

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Ochocinco is rippping on the Iamathlete channel right now , great entertainment

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People complaining about the track.. 94 & 51 had that quad, was anyone else doing it? That would have been a passing spot for other riders in the back. Webb didn’t qualify great and didn’t have pace to make passes. We talk about it being the most ... more »