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Wonder how far he will get with a bike setup. Throw on whatever the other husky riders are running ?

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Ouch man. As a practicing MD that's gnarly. High grade spleen lacerations are relatively common, but devitalizing your pancreas is a whole different beast. Glad you're alive and out of the ICU.

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My dealer is right out of bikes. Only 450’s left on the floor .. 2 strokes long wait list.. 350’s are all gone. Same story at the dealer carrying the orange bikes down the road. I hate selling stuff and I was able to sell my bike and wife’s in a short ... more »

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you know,, cuz its the bike that makes it that easy duh

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anyone know if he is riding a 250 or 300?

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how is the xc 250 in techy trails compared to a 300? the 300's are like magic in that stuff. sounds like the 250 hits harder on top, which you can definitely notice a 300 flattening off up top.

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Has anyone set a XC/TX 300 up for the track and Loved it? barring a big suspension upgrade. coming off a 17 fc 350,, I LOVED this bike. riding more and more trails, more and more techy.. i know the TX's shine here because I've ridden them. i want one ... more »

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resurrecting this thread to ponder where the kickstart is required.. can you not bump? i guess if you are by yourself it would be hard to get a bump on flat ground.. but you can't push the bike and bump start in like 3rd? i just haven't seen a scenario ... more »

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how bad will a tpi 300 be on a track vs the carbed 300? any opinions?

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How much weight drop?

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For those with experience selling bikes or cars Is there any benefit to purchasing with cash regarding bargaining price? Why not save money by investing, then when that acct has the money to pay the bike outright... buy the bike. It’s concerning how ... more »

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Doesn’t TK have family ties to that team? If he weren’t family, would he still have the job based on performance? Probably not.

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I heard #100 may be at press day and available for a fill in

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Coop won here last year

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Would you rather ride a jgr or star yami bike? Sure the Suzuki isn’t a bad bike, but is races against better bikes

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What about rider safety? It was much safer for forkner to cut the track, if he had to re enter safely it could have caused a big pile up? Although it barely looked like he checked for oncoming traffic

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Tie downs work just fine to compress the forks. The goal of removing the front wheel is that you save height you can’t get with just compressing the forks. Thought having the bike on a lift stand in position, remove front wheel, and drop into place, ... more »