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Did you get the seat cover from Throttle Jockey? I got that same graphic kit for my 99 CR250 a few years ago but they said they couldn't do the seatcover.

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Where did you get the seatcover and front brakeline? What kind of pegs are those? Excellent job on the build!

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They put the wrong bolt in that was to long and HeManned it in. I bought a 2001 CR where a kid took the bolts out to paint the heads red and put bolts in the wrong holes and busted through the case.

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Thanks, looking for something like that for my 96 CR250.

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Where did you get that shifter and what brand is it? Like the bike!

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Pretty sure that brake guard isn't home made, I have one just like it I got off my dad's CR500 in 1994. I ran it on all my CR250s. Where did you find that Ceet cover? Your bike is looking pretty awesome!

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I'm a huge fan and I've been waiting for years for it to come out. Hopefully it does well cause George Miller already has the sequel wrote. Seen it Friday with some friends and it was awesome.

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That's a great link

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Nice, I had an 88 YZ80 I rode the wheels off of. Love these bikes.

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Good looking bike. What did you have to do to get the 03 crf450 shock to work?

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I love the first gen aluminum CRs. The bikes in this thread look awesome. I've got a 98 and 99 I've had since they were new. Here's a pic of my 99, still trying to track down a

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1996 at Daniel Boone in Ky. I broke a clutch cable the night before on my YZ80 so I had to ride my dad's CR250. I raced in jeans and a borrowed jersey and got second from last both motos. After having dads FMF prepped CR250 jerking my 14 year old self ... more »

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I got one new in 01 and loved it. Had a much better motor than the 05 CR250 I had.

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Yea, I was there that day. The announcers were talking up a big battle and Ricky destroyed the 125 class, he didn't do as well on the 250 though. Is Kevin Walker still racing?

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Me too, I have a 98 and a CR250. There are a bunch of those around here but I do live on a farm in

I also have a 93, 94, 96, and 97 CR250s that other people started to "rebuild" that I bought off craigslist.
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I raced there in 97 and 98 and trust me they make it muddy. Me and my dad pulled in on Sat nite during a thunderstorm. Got up the next morning and there was water standing on the track. Then they started watering the track. Practice was horrible, I think ... more »