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Might be the first time I have read all comments on a several page topic on Vital! Great stories!!!

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Sexton just posted a clip of him testing outdoors.

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Patiently waiting Throttle Jockey to ship my set. I have entire plastic/graphic kit that needs to be installed. I always do a fresh up every year. Always look forward to it. But the heat gun method, I can’t seem to get that down. I’m sure I’m not doing ... more »

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The was the reason for my question. Not speculating, just a question. My favorite rider to watch in outdoors!

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Will Ken be lining up for the Outdoors or have we seen the last of him on a motocross track? There hasnt been much talk about it unless I missed something.

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I’m a Kenny fan but man Webb has his number for sure. Webb doesn’t seem to crack under pressure and has the endurance to go the full length of the race at full speed. RC didn’t seem to like Webb’s comment on the track. Lol Either way makes for great ... more »

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That is a Red Bull helmet if I’m not mistaking? The lower mouth guard. Redbull logo on the 2 sides.

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The boots Colt Nichols is wearing. Is that the new tech 10 line? Looks good. Be better if they don’t have the booties!!!

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Helloween left a comment 2/6/2021 7:24 AM

write to us we will make any set of graphics for you

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He has been on his game for sure. Really like to see how he does if he gets a mid pack start, has to chase down the top 3-4 guys and make passes. That seems to be his struggle at time. Last couple of races he has figured out the late race push. Last ... more »

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Would agree. Could be wrong but maybe Eli was thinking he seen KR at his best and kept him honest. Either way the 2 race there butts off. Great to watch as a fan!

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Had a FE. Traded it in on a WE Honda. Dealership gave close to what I was asking for in open market. There logic, anyone pays the extra money for a FE or WE, chances are they take care of there bikes. I guess it all depends on the audience.

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He took off outdoors. Hopefully that recovery time will pay off with racing being this close. Great race for KR. In past since his return we seen him fade. That wasn’t the case last night.

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That would be a good example “looks comfortable”... was making it look effortless. Great racing. Great Win!

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I’m a gym rat and absolutely hate cardio! But was discourage going to the track and be spent after 15mn. Purchased a Concept Rower. Hit it 2-3 days a week. Works wonders!

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Man that was good! Thanks for posting.

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When to expect there new boot lineup, If there is one? Any updates?

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Wow.... Im a Deegan fan. As a parent of a special needs child I was disappointed. People makes mistake. Hate hearing the word used but in the same breath would hate for her to get bashed repeatedly. Life goes on!

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Seems like his honesty has put a “stay away” tag on himself. Appeared that way in his final 4-5 years of racing. Great for use fans to hear it. Not some much for the industry guys that he maybe one day be asking for employment. Either way. Hope he enjoys ... more »