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1989 Mike Healey KTM Mike Young Cagiva Billy Whitley Cagiva Mike Craig Emig running the Scott Electronic Film System Love this era!

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I’ve got one in Washington State...send me a message.

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No...there are a million classes...but not a class for a bike that new.

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New with tags Size 36 75 shipped in the States

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RJ all the way. Feel like pulling out my Profile of a Champion VHS right now. What’s interesting to ponder...say Bailey or Johnson don’t get many more years do they go? Hannah was pretty beat up and raced to 32. RJ wouldn’t have been 32 until ... more »

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1995 KTM 125 SX

In this picture it’s a DynoPort. I later swapped it for a Messico racing pipe from Italy.

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Recently scored some late 80s Bullet gear and am looking for a jersey to match. They did a retro jersey a few years ago they would work if anyone out there may have one. Thanks

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Kid wore it...hardly rode...used but in good shape, no rips/tears or any issues. Lots of riding left for someone small or a kid. 30 pants Adults Small jersey and gloves $60 Will ship at your cost

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Hurt to hear this. I don’t know if younger guys or people from out of the NW know how totally Moto this family is. Bob helped lay out the very first Washougal track in the early 70s and was a promoter of the National back in the day. Both boys won Lorettas ... more »

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Funny thing the Nationals in 98 I remember Albertyn and Larrry Ward started running the big 99 shrouds. Then in 2000 Pastrana used the older style/smaller 96-98 shrouds.

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I say bummer. GL is great and takes a lot of shit...but he actually made a lot of improvements and was doing an excellent and improved job lately. I think his energy and GP experience are a cool addition to Pings ability to do his homework and keep the ... more »

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Bummer to lose that title by 4 points at the end for sure. Everyone just bench races about Japan, but Mike dnf’d or scored no points in 5 motos that season. Zero points both motos at the first round and then 3 more, including the first Moto at Unadilla ... more »

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This was 30 years ago. Sure doesn’t seem like like...but it was. I don’t at all think Mike was trying to make up stuff or lie...that’s just how he remembers the stories and he’s been through a lot so I’d say he gets a pass. Maybe he jacked with Stanton ... more »

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54 is a ‘92 Peak Mike Brown bike

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Thing is absolutely like new. I just bought it on marketplace where it was listed as a large but unfortunately for me is an XL. Not a single scratch or anything wrong. Guy said he bought it a couple years ago and for whatever reason only wore it for

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I have seen pictures of O’Mara on white RM 250s from 88 and 89. I think it was as only for some Italian races like Masters of Motocross at Maggiora or Fast Cross where he would be helped out by the Chesterfield Suzuki team who normally ran white Suzuki’s

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It had to be Duane Summers. He was part of that era of Cagiva desert racers and later went on to road racing.

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Early 90s...might have been 1990. But I remember MXA did a story on a 2 wheel drive bike, I’m sure it was a YZ 490 and I think it was built by a French company.

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That’s right. Jan came to Cagiva in 84 I believe. Before that he worked with Gilera who also had success in the early 80s. Whenever I see a 125 GP start photo from 81/82 the red Gileras are always in the front. Also they did come with the WP 4054 Upside ... more »