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Any chance anyone has a 89 500 tank? I’m doing a build and the original owner threw his stock tank away for a desert tank. 89-01 is the same tank but 89 is the only model that is the right red color. Don’t really like the look or want to spend big bucks

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Got a question for you guys. I restored a 81 KTM 250 and am running the stock Bing 54. The tickler is broke, the original owner had a had a hose with a screw in it for a plug. A guy gave me another Bing with a good plunger…but how do I remove and swap

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Ha! That was just a bull snake. We do have Rattlers that have very similar color and pattern in Eastern Wa State but haven’t ran into any on my property yet. Usually I just take the bull snakes out to my track and let them loose…sometimes I just fling ... more »

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Doing a garden was something I never would have imagined putting so much time and work into and enjoying. The amount of work does get overwhelming at times and by fall I’m ready for it to be over…but it’s been a great experience with my 2 girls.

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I was in that Moto….I remember the flags waving and the helicopter coming down. It was Amateur Day at the National….pretty sure it was 1994.

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And hopefully he will add 2 more after that…I believe if he keeps going he will race himself into the top 5…and the more traditional eastern tracks will be a good experience for him and a better match for his strengths.

Started new thread WTB 21” Blue YZ front rim 5/11/2022 5:41 AM

Looking for a take off or decent used blue front YZ rim.

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As a west coast guy who spent 2 years in Illinois, I would say you guys have great turnouts, solid competition, and tracks that the rest of the country should envy. Maybe it’s the shorter season…but people definitely show up.

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One of the few 4 strokes I’ve ever raced was a 05 RMZ 250, from new it ran a bit like you describe. Seems like I remember the trick was to go to a smaller leak jet.

Added reply in a thread PentonPartsUSA.COM Legit? 4/3/2022 6:50 PM

Yeah, no problems. They are a go to for vintage Penton and KTM parts. You can’t order online though, you’ve gotta call Alan during hours. He has lots of stuff that isn’t listed if you have part numbers, best to email and check.

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It is interesting that the BASS made it to production…..I assume they had to have tested it for a few years and found it effective. It could have been something that it worked with the KYBs but not the Soki shock…reminds me of hearing that the original

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Definitely Thain, what’s interesting is that KTM brings him to the US for their first full factory effort in ‘00 yet he only scored 10 points and was 29th overall in the ‘99 125 GP’s. He was solid in the 125 Nationals that year, podiumed a Moto at Troy ... more »

Added reply in a thread WTB: Brian Swink #1 or #15 Answer Gear from 1992 for display and tribute 2/21/2022 6:01 PM

I have those red Gaerne’s in excellent shape in my collection…wasn’t planning on selling them…not sure how bad you want them but I can take a few pics tomorrow.

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Started new thread Need a tech guy….paperless 1/19/2022 3:31 PM

Wondering if there is anyone out there on vital that can help. I know nothing…my wife wants to look into a paperless program to keep track of our home/work/life stuff without having files and piles of paper to dig through. Is anyone familiar with any ... more »

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Long shot here Lost Boy….but I’ve got an Acerbis c35 silencer and I really need to find one of the eccentric mounting brackets. Any chance you have a extra?

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I have a extra shock. I can post pictures later this weekend.

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Ok….but you gave me data from the 45 class that was not restricted by anything other than age….so it would make sense for it to be A or Ex Pro heavy at the front. A 45 year old B rider who didn’t feel competitive in that class could ride the +40 where ... more »

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Really? Perebijnos went 24/11/14 last year and these are the kind of guys you all are throwing a fit about? Can somebody show me the regional results where he or someone similar kept a guy from going to Tennessee who was otherwise set to go….and couldn’t ... more »

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Tiago, normally you want to have the piston first and then do the nikasil. The early 1986 KTM 80s came with a 46mm piston and then later with a 48mm…which size cylinder do you have? I just got two bikes last week and will begin restoration. I was told

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