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How much do you want for the purple one?

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Yeah, those were the days! If you attend any current vintage or vet race the 50+ classes have the fullest gates. I guess we are still carrying the mx torch!

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1979 YZ400F

Started new thread 96-01 YZ250 UFO plastic for CCM 12/23/2019 2:36 AM

Looking for a set of UFO purple plastic for my CCM C56. It uses 96-01 YZ250 stuff

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Wifes vintage racer 81 200

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Started new thread Vintco pistons 11/20/2019 11:36 PM

Doing a top end in my YZ465 and seen the Vintco pistons that are made in Germany. Has anyone used these? They look pretty nice.

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I had a support ride with them back in the day and still have quite a few sets left, but $20? I would buy every pair of pants I could find at that price!

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They only made 10 of the Avengers and by luck I ended up with two of them. I rode ATK's back in the early 90's so when I decided to go vintage racing last year ATK was first bike on the list, however now I am 30 bikes deep in them LOL

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Just finished restoring one of my Avengers, I dont think I will race it anymore!

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Anyone going to Washougal for the vintage NW Challenge races next weekend? Great weekend and always has a big turnout.

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For racing vintage, the 86 CR250 was the best bike that year by a huge amount. However, with vintage racing (as with most racing) it is mostly rider and a good rider can go fast on any bike. The works replicas were good bikes but I never cared for the ... more »

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I am not sure what I did, but I am interested and was wondering if the scratch is in the bore and if so will it require a oversize bore? Maybe you can email some pics to Thanks Tom

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That sounds like it might work, PM sent

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PM sent

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Started new thread ISO 1981 YZ465H Cylinder 7/24/2019 11:43 AM

Looks like my cylinder needs bored and has a helicoil coming out. Since it also has a few broken fins I thought I would see if anyone has a good cylinder to sell.

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My son and I were there. He was too young so raced one of the support classes and broke his hip. I told him that was the perfect injury for an old timers race!

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Did you make the air scoop?

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Pretty common for the forks to be changed on 480's. The stock ones are very desirable for people who race 78-80 CR 's.

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Do they do this every year? Never heard about it

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I'm down with that!