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Whenever I ride alone, which is rarely, I don't really push it or do any big jumps and I tell my mom or girlfriend if you don't hear from me for 2-3 hours you maybe should come check on me.

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Ive had Fox Comp 5s. Ive tried on a pair of Tech 7s. I currently have SG12s. All fit my big calves very well. I did try on a pair of Tech 10s and all I can say is forget about it, even with the buckles adjusted all the way out they were still no where ... more »

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It really chaps my hiney when a dealer wont work with you on price at all. In 2014 my cousin was shopping for a KX450 and he called around and got some quotes on leftover '13 models. We have a dealer an hour from us (closest) that our family has bought ... more »

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Did anyone else notice that Friese's bike has a Renthal bar but Mika bar pad?

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2nd that, Amsoil is all I use.

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Mike, the only question I have is how in the world does that clown Aaron Mrozek still have a job??

I'm just kidding, I went to school with him at MMI. Hes a good dude. I think you are great for the sport and we need more guys like you giving ... more »
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Dang you beat me to it! When I saw it all I could think of is the only missing is Metal Mulisha stickers. Fugly imo

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The circuit that I race now is a small "outlaw" series and they do have a vintage class along with all the normal classes on race day and the only rule is no disk brakes. Another series that ive never done but have looked into is a vintage only series ... more »

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Don't want to de-rail the thread but can you enlighten us as to what EXACTLY you got from HF to do your bead blasting. Ive wanted to but never ventured into bead blasting and everyone says its easy with a gun and some media but I'm not confident that ... more »

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I'm a bigger guy (250ish without gear) and I currently own a CR125 and a CRF450. I have also ridden lots of 250s and a husky 350. If you are going to get down to 200-210 you can probably get about any bike and it will be fine. It depends what kind of ... more »

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I'm pretty excited about this because 1 of 2 things is probably going to happen. 1) He gets back to his old ways and competes for wins again. 2) He is the same that he has been for the last few years, just kinda so so. We often look at a rider and say ... more »

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Ive looked into using it because I can get a good deal on it and its my understanding that the Interceptor is good for casual riding 250cc and up but not something that's going to held wide like a 125 or fast 250 rider. The dominator on the other hand ... more »

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May I ask if he gave you Dominator or Interceptor? I have heard some negative things about the Interceptor oil but reviews ive read for the Dominator are all positive.

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This stuff is comedy gold! I wonder where they draw the line? This stuff is only getting worse/better every day

I know its all for show for straight rhythm but wow, Uncle Ron isn't holding anything back lmao.
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Knowing how chad likes to stir the shit pot he has probably already decided either the KTM or Honda but decided to post a picture of both just to keep the pot stirred!

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I have also used Tusk kits in both my 450 and 125 with no complaints at all, seem to last just as long as other brands ive used.

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Like Acidreamer said, MT can fix just about anything. I also have sent cylinders in with way worse damage than yours and had it come back from them looking literally brand new. Not sure if it is a realistic option where you are in AUS but if you have ... more »

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Lmao this is the best thread ive seen in awhile! Keep it coming!

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I have larger calves and ive worn fox comp 5s and Gaerne SG-12s. Both fit good, I tried on a buddies Tech 10s before I got the SG-12s and the T10s were wayyyy too tight. I couldn't even buckle the top straps. I havnt tried any but ive heard the Tech ... more »