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I've only ever been to two AMA Supercross rounds, San Diego 2017 and then backed it up the following week witnessing Kenny's big one at Anahiem 2.

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You can put the OP down all you want but the top 250 guys would do ok on their factory 250’s in the 450 moto’s. Certainly no worse than most of those back markers that were being lapped! Who really cares though? What we want to see is the top guys in ... more »

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With the quality of the competition now in the European nations it won’t matter who the USA sent if there wasn’t some serious Des Nations prep work put in. In my opinion the days of just choosing who is the fastest in the USA at any given week is gone. ... more »

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So Colt Nichols time would put him 4th fastest in the 450’s 😀

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IMO, you can’t go wrong putting on the 2.15 and then get yourself a new 110/90 rear for your 250f!

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Oh right, so if it isn’t public then it didn’t happen? Gotcha.

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It is so weird. It feels like the week before A1 all over again! Have a great time there JT!

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How bout they just all turn up week by week to each of the test tracks in Corona in box vans, for the next 7 weeks and hold the races. Every team gets one home track advantage and we get this thing done :D

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If it ends up that series is now done, Tomac has 100% earned it. This has been hard fought. There has been no managing the title run to the end to close it out. As fans of the sport we want to see this battled out the full 17 rounds but I bet it has ... more »

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Presuming the former pro using the 2016 rider credential was James lol?

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Re: the buttons etc, they are not catering for the masses with a factory mxgp bike. A long as the two guys who have to ride them are comfortable then they are golden.

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Old pic mate.

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Good on Dungey. He's making the most of opportunities. As fans we can be loyal to a brand because our living generally isn't depending on it. As a professional, I think there's a difference between loyalty to an employer and allegiances to brands. Sometimes ... more »

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If Justin rides outdoors next year the way he is riding right now he won't be caring about the 14 for 2021.

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Using the three most recent Champions for this question, who's career would you prefer to date? Tomac's, Webb's or Anderson's? No question for me, Tomac's 3 MX titles is harder to achieve despite his inability to crack the 450 Supercross championship ... more »

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You only need to win the title by a single point. I'd say Eli would be pretty ok with where things are at right now.

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For those of you spend the money on a brand new rmz every year, maybe just thank Suzuki for allowing you to save some money this year!

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This is pro racing, I don't think we should be removing anyone from the race...