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Still, would you ride with something if you were Ping and didn't trust it, payroll or not at his age? No major bell ringers but I own 3 TLD lids from the old GP air to an SE4 and a more modern GP lid. Currently waiting on my Venom lid if ot would ever ... more »

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Hopefully release one day this year. Been waiting 2-3 months already.

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You are correct. Yamaha is the only manufacturer to still offer a race quad. So little offered from the WPS,Tucker,Parts Unlmtd aftermarket world you would think they had been gone since the 80s.

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I got bored one day and decided to build my at the time 04 CR250 on a oem parts fiche. Holy balls was it expensive. I think it was in the high teens to fully assemble the bike with all oem parts if you bought everything new. Probably 20k now. Lol

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Feel like less of a jackass for wasting 50 bucks that will snap off the first time they hit dirt..

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Great seperator of boys and men. Need more lanes like that in the future. That track looked beat before the 2nd 250 heat ever went off so props for holding up as well as it did...

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Sounds like your internet sucks and this is coming from someone who is surrounded on all sides by rolling mountains in the woods. I never have a problem.

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Pulling for Mookie. Class act all the way.

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Not because they're bad but I honestly couldn't tell you one thing they said last night. The wife and I are commenting throughout so much we don't even pay them any attention anymore.

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The crf450 was still very unproven as were most 4strokes at that time and were still on semi equal footing. I think his biggest gamble came with the Suzuki switch. They pretty much copied the yz250 engine to keep pace with Reeds machine.

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Mountaineer for life!

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New mid level boot coming from Fox next fall as well.

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Plus one for Sunday racing. Used to attend every High Point national. Since they went Saturdays I've been to about 3.

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Many of the blackwater replays are on YouTube. I was fortunate to attend the last couple years they ran it but was still only 8 or 8 the last year they had it. One thing that I remember was a course marshal was riding around on one of those 91 Honda ... more »

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Honda. Unless the bike is completely roached, like house fire torched, they always look good...

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I've learned to appreciate all mx games for what they are. Would love up to date bmx and skate games.....

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In honor of ISDE week, an autographed Layne Michael ISDE

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Saw a zoomed out shot of that section during the first moto during one of the breaks and a guy on a red bike overjumped the triple and landed on the face and I figured at that point it would be hittable by someone. What a badass!

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Thank you for all the work you have put in. Been around since 07 and appreciate all the effort.

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Think the first batch rolls out sometime late August.